Dual Sensor IR-EO Gimbal Gemini Pro

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Dual sensor IR + EO Gimbal with onboard FullHD 30x Zoom Camera and High Resolution 30hz Thermal camera, ready for UAV multirotor.


Gemini Pro Mount adapter

Select 3K carbon fiber Gemini Pro mount adapter ready for your drone

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Gemini Pro is a professional gyro-stabilized 3-axis Dual Sensor Gimbal IR-EO with Onboard FullHD 30x Zoom Camera and Hight Quality IR Thermal Sensor. The Onboard Video Processor support advanced function like: Target Tracking, Picture in Picture, Mixed IR+EO video, Geotag and Video Telemetry Overlay.

The 30X Zoom FullHD Sony Camera provides excellent video quality , the Radiometric Thermal Camera allows detection and recognition of targets at night or low visibility situations.

Gemini Pro  is a ready to use plug & play system compatible with any Multirotors UAV/UAS on the market.

This Dual Sensor IR-EO gimbal provides high precision pointing accuracies in a small and lightweight package particularly useful for application that require multiple sensors feedback during the flight. Suitable for police, search & rescue, aerial survey, fire inspection, solar panel & industrial inspections.

Direct Drive Stabilization

Direct drive brushles motor and superior stabilization with 32bit controller for ultra-stable video even at 30x optical zoom.

multi sensor gimbal

Multi Sensor Onboard

Gemini Pro is a multi sensor Gimbal with Onboard  high-sensitivity 640×480 Radiometric IR Thermal Camera and FullHD 30x Zoom Daylight Camera,

target tracking gimbal zoom

Target Tracking

Video processor steers the gimbal to maintain the object of interest inside the video frame, even if the object is moving and the aircraft platform is moving. 

digital video stabilization

Electronic Video Stabilization

Digital video stabilization with roll correction, removes the high-frequency jitter that come from any kind of multirotor Drone. The Video and the picture will be always clear withou jello effect.

plug and play dual sensor gimbal

Plug and Play

Simply power the Gemini Pro with DC 3S/6S connect PWM,S-Bus or serial communication port to your Drone and it is ready to use. No need for any additional time-consuming integration.


Gemini Pro is a non-ITAR product and is freely available worldwide without limitation.


dual sensor gimbhal zoom main applications in uav


Gemini Pro is a gyro-stabilized Dual Sensor IR-EO gimbal with onboard Full HD  30X Zoom camera and Radiometric Thermal Camera 640x480p 30hz ready to use with any Drone UAV on the market for different application:

  • Security & Surveillance
  • Search and rescue
  • Traffic Surveillance
  • Coastal and Border Control
  • Anti-Terrorist and Law Enforcement
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Solar panel inspection
  • Powerline and pipeline inspections
  • Industrial inspection
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Fire Fighting, Fire Control / Spotting
  • VOC & Gas Detection drones
  • Damage Assessment
  • Wildlife Spotting


Main features:

Gemini Pro is a gyro-stabilized multi sensor gimbal with onboard High Resolution Thermal Camera and fullHD 30x Zoom Camera. The onboard video processor processor is the big plus of this new generation gimbals, it support advanced features like target tracking and multi vision system.

  • 3-Axis gyro-stabilized multi sensor gimbal with encoder
  • Horizon computation32bit system with dual IMU
  • Onboard video processor for advanced features
  • Ultimate stability at 30x optical zoom
  • Supreme image quality with 1080p fullHD daylight sensor
  • Global shutter sensor for exceptional image clarity
  • High Resolution 640x480p Thermal Camera with 19mm lens
  • Auto object tracking function
  • Multi Vision Video Output: single image, picture in picture and mixed
  • Telemetry Video Overlay
  • Synchronized video and foto for Thermal and Daylight camera
  • GPS Geotag system directly on picture Exif File
  • Power 3s-6s 500mA@12v
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Weight: 1050g
  • Size: 173.5×164.5x127mm
dual sensor gimbal with zoom and thermal image


thermal camera for dji s1000 microdrones

Ready for all multirotors

Gemini Pro is ready to use Dual Sensor Gimbal IR+EO  with synchronous video and picture compatible with any multirotor drone in the market.

We offer plug&play system with mount adapter for most popular drone in the market and also custom carbon fiber mount adapter.

Gemini Pro is compatible with any Drone and Flight Controller, it support S-Bus,PWM, and TTL Serial Port control, with 3S-6S DC power input and HDMI Multivision video output compatible with any video transmitter such as Lightbridge 1 & 2, Amimon Connex and any other HDMI transmitter.


Onboard video Processor

Gemini Pro is the newest generation gimbal with integrated onboard video processor. The onboard processor is a dedicated hardware which receives the digital video stream from the sensors inside the gimbal, processes the video and sends it to the datalinks.

Main Features:

  • Target Tracking
  • Telemetry Video Overlay
  • Digital Video stabilization
  • Video and Picture recording to SDcard drive
  • Digital Zoom
  • Picture in Picture and Mixed image between IR and EO
multisensor gyro stabilized gimbal with video processor


dual sensor ir zoom gimbal with auto tracking target

Target Tracking

Gemini Pro support hands-free auto tracking of moving and static objects. The operator can allocate the target and zoom in, while the onboard processor will hold the target in the center of the video screen regardless of the aircraft movement direction.

This is a very important feature for long-range surveillance, monitoring applications, and law enforcement applications.

The onboard processor is a dedicated hardware processor which receives the digital video stream from the sensors inside the gimbal, processes the video and steers the gimbal to maintain the object of interest inside the video frame, even if the object is moving and the aircraft platform too.


Video Overlay

Gemini Pro is able to show Live Video Overlay with IMU and GPS information during the flight. The onboard video processor processes the information received from the Cameras and the gimbal IMU together with GPS and shows all the data in overlay on the video.

Main Features:

  • Position, latitude and longitude
  • Altitude
  • Time and Date
  • Pitch Angle, +100°/-100°
  • Pan Angle, +180°/-180°
  • Zoom Camera FOV
telemetry video overlay


gimbal dual sensor with picture in picture and mixed thermal daylight video

Digital Multivision System

The On-board digital video processing module include advanced features such as Multivision System, that alow the user to select within many different video output mode on the micro HDMI 1080p port.

With Multivision System pilots can switch between Thermal and Daylight camera during  flight, or view both cameras in Picture-in-Picture mode or Mixed, all while recording video and still images on the onboard SDcard.

  • Single Image with Selectable Video Output: Thermal or Daylight
  • Picture in Picture: Daylight Full Screen and Thermal in a Frame or opposite
  • Mixed Thermal and Daylight Image


Onboard Thermal Camera

The Onboard Radiometric 640×480 30hz Thermal Camera mounted on the New Dual Sensor Gimbal Gemini Pro provide High Resolution and High Contrast Thermal Imaging for long range detection. The thermal camera allows for detection and recognition of targets at night or low visibility situations.

Main Features:

  • Workingsystem Un-cooled longwave(8μm~14μm)
  • Resolution:640×480 pixels
  • Pixelsize: 17μm
  • Lens: 19mm, FOV 28.4°
  • NETD < 55 mK (F/1, 300K, 30Hz)
  • Over exposure / Sun safe
  • Focusing: Athermalizing
  • Emissivity correction: Emissivity 0.01~1 adjustable
  • MRTD ≤650mK(@Characteristicfrequency)
  • Image enhancement: Automatically adjusts image brightness and contrast
  • Color palette: Blackhot,whitehot,pseudocolor
  • Automatic non-uniformity correction function
  • Digital zoom: 1-4X
  • Time synchronization:Yes
  • Temperature measurement:Yes, Side Bar and center temperature
  • Temperature range: -40℃~85℃
  • Data refresh rate: 30Hz
  • Output lag: <3ms
dual sensor gimbal thermal camera 30hz


dual sensor gimbal zaoom camera 30x

Onboard Full HD 30x zoom camera

The New Dual Sensor Gimbal Gemini Pro have Onboard 30x Zoom 1080p FullHD  Sony Camera EV7500, mounted next to the High Quality Thermal Camera. Day-time camera features Full HD 1080p video resolution and 30x optical zoom allowing to do visual inspections, search and rescue operations and work on other tasks while keeping the drone at safe distance.

Main Features:

  • Effective Pixels:2.38 Megapixels, 1/2.8″ Cmos
  • Video Output: Full 1920 x 1080/60p
  • Optical Zoom: 30x optical zoom (f=4.3mm (wide) to 129.0mm (tele))
  • Horizontal Viewing Angle: 63.7°(wide end) to 2.3°(tele end)
  • Digital Zoom: 12x (360x with optical zoom)
  • Digital Video Stabilization
  • S/N Ratio: More then 50dB
  • Minimum Illumination: Color: 0.35 lx, B/N 0.01lx
  • Electronic Shutter: 1/1 s to 1/10,000 s, 22 steps
  • White Balance: Auto, ATW ,Outdoor Auto,Manual
  • Gain: Auto/Manual
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Yes
  • Backlight Compensation: Yes
  • Focus System: Auto, Manual, Interval AF,
  • Exposure Control: Auto, Manual, Priority mode (shutter priority & iris priority)


GPS Geotag system 

GPS  Geotag system for optimum survey and monitoring accuracy. Gemini Pro support external GPS input via TTL Serial port directly from you Flight Controller or from a external GPS Unit (optional).

Main features:

  • TTL Serial port for External GPS/Flight controller connection
  • Onboard Geo-tagging system directly on image exif file
  • Synchronized Geo-tagging system for Thermal and Daylight images

Log Information:

  • Filename
  • Date and Time
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude
  • Yaw and Pitch angle

I/O Connections & control

Gemini Pro is ready to use and plug&play with any drones. You just need 3S-6S power and S-Bus/Pwm/Serial port to controll all the gimba functions:

Fully compatible with Lightbridge and Amimon tecnology

dual sensor gimbal hub connector unit HUB

• DC in connector, support 3S-6S
• Maximum power 500mA@12v

Multi standard ready:
• S-BUS, PWM and Serial Port ready.

• Serial port: I/O control and GPS data input
• S-Bus control port
• Pitch control port +100°/-100°
• Yaw control port + 180°/-180°
• Gimbal Mode: Follow (fast speed), Lock (slow speed), back to center
• Zoom control for daylight camera
• Thermal control port for Palette and digital Zoom
• Video out mode: Single image, Picture in Picture and mixed image
• Picture trigger control port
• Video Rec control Port

I/O port
• HDMI video output for Thermal and Daylight camera
• SDcard slot for onboard picture and video storage
• USB port for firmware upgrade and gimbal setup

Package contents

  • 1 x Dual Sensor IR-EO gimbal Gemini Pro
  • 1 x Onboard fullHD Sony 30x Zoom Camera
  • 1 x Onboard Radiometric Thermal Camera 640×480 30Hz
  • 1 x GCU gimbal control unit
  • 1 x Advanced video processor Unit
  • 8 x Damping Component
  • 1 x Screw and Spaces set
  • 1 x English user manual
multi sensor long range zoom thermal gimbal

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