Thermography Drones with thermal cameras

Professional drones represent today an innovative and versatile tool, which allows you to plan your flight through a software directly on google maps. UAV multirotors  are ideal for inspection and control of “sensitive or risk” areas. In addition to being a low-cost solution thermography drones for industrial inspections are best choice for  high-resolution data received at a low-altitude.

The use of drones in the professional management of large construction projects such as bridges, roads and pipelines allow to obtain an accurate picture of a construction zone. The drones for inspection and monitoring are an innovative solution that promises changes with the implementation of projects, timing and affordable budget. A professional drone for aerial inspection can keep up with the massive influx of information to ensure the success of a project. Powerful optical zoom HD thermal and multispectral cameras can precisely identify  a problem difficult to detect by other means. Ground station allows you to display color and thermal images simultaneously in real time.

All our drones for photogrammetry like X-Cam 700 and Explorer 800 are equipped with GPS tracking systems and are able to fly autonomously and acquire geotagged photos in high resolution.

X-Cam 700 has about 30 minutes flight autonomy  versus 40 minutes of Explorer 800  a waterproof structure resistant to rain. Both drones for architectural survey are equipped with live video transmission systems on land and have removable or foldable structures that enable easy transport in appropriate flycases.

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