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Practical and smart solutions

Topographers and GIS Experts are increasingly integrating the use of Professional Drones for their work
daily thanks to increasingly high-performance technology and increasingly affordable prices.

DroneBase kits in the “Mapper” range include everything professionals need
(Drones, Sensors, Software) for drone surveying, mapping and other geospatial applications.

Aerial drone surveying and photogrammetry is not only about drone.
DroneBase provides integrated systems, complete with Calibrated Sensors and precision GPS,
Specific flight planning software and APPs,
accurate workflows, post processing software, professional training and support.

Bathymetry has many uses in science and industry today; however,
obtaining accurate measurements is difficult due to limited resources and outdated technology.
Professional drones have made this process much easier by providing timely data on various ocean points.
Eventually, we will reach a point where we can accurately predict dangerous storms
thanks to technological advances in measurement systems such as bentimetry.
Bathymetry is a branch of oceanography that deals with depth measurements
Of the seabed, graphic representations and morphological studies,
rivers and lakes. It is essential for many applications such as navigation security,
knowledge Environmental monitoring, fluid dynamics modeling and management of industrial sites (dams, quarries, reservoirs…).
Bathymetry can be measured using drones.
The most common method is to connect a GPS device to a specialized drone and send it to the surface.
Data from the drone allow for accurate measurement of water depth.
Scientists can then use these data to determine the depths and characteristics of the sea.
This includes its temperature, salinity, density and even its waves and currents.


Through the use of special multispectral cameras capable of capturing images on 5 spectra simultaneously it is possible to obtain very important information about the health status of the crop, combined with precision measurements, results in an accurate map of the vegetative state that helps agricultural entrepreneur optimize irrigation, pruning, fertilization and harvesting activities.


Using the information collected with the precision agriculture drone, it is possible to detect the onset of diseases, fungal diseases, etc. Planning corrective interventions in a targeted manner. By combining aerial and infrared photography technologies, the health of a crop can be assessed much more comprehensively than is possible from the ground alone.

Cost savings
and energy

The use of specialized drones for agricultural use can greatly increase the effectiveness and accuracy of interventions. In addition, treating the soil with biological products (antagonistic insects) using drones allows for efficient intervention with significant cost and energy savings compared to traditional techniques.

Turnkey Solutions for Bathymetry

We have configured Complete “Turnkey” Solutions for our professional clients.
which include everything you need to be immediately operational in the field and start drawing all the
Advantages of using Professional Drones for Bathymetry.

Aerial surveying with “bathymetric” drones is not only about the drone.
These are integrated systems, complete with calibrated sensors and precision GPS,
Specific flight planning software and APPs,
Precise workflows, post processing software,
professional training and support.

The benefits of DroneBase's "Mapper" solutions.

Not only Drones but Complete Solutions for Professionals!
Our “Mapper” combos include high-performance professional drones with advanced sensors and software.
Professional systems designed in collaboration with topographers and GIS experts to be
Easy to Use in the Field and Precise in Post Processing.


All Mapper Kits are designed to acquire large areas better and faster without interrupting work or site activities


Calibrated sensors up to 61MP combined with IMUs and GNSS RTK and PPK systems ensure the highest level of precision with accuracy down to the centimeter at all times


Difficult to access or dangerous areas will no longer be a problem with our Mapper solutions always ready to take off in moments, safe and reliable in all conditions


The drone photogrammetric survey provides reduced field acquisition time and drastic reduction in post processing time allowing it to be more competitive

X500 Pro RTK

Cheaper solution

yours from 320.00 Euro/month with grenke operating rental

RTK centimeter accuracy


Brand new GNSS RTK module for Drones collects positioning data with centimeter accuracy (1cm+1ppm) a new and absolute accuracy (1.5cm+1ppm)

A NON-RTK drone needs 40 to 80
ground control
points (GCPs) per square kilometer, which generally
requires hours of preventive work, sometimes very difficult depending on the land conformation.

With a RTK Drone it is possible to acquire up to 200 hectares per hour with very high accuracy drastically cutting field time and optimizing post processing.

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