Micasense RedEdge-P

9,747.80 IVA Inclusa





Augmentable memory

New removable professional storage standard in CFexpress, allowing more than two captures per second and instant turnaround time between flights by simply swapping cards.

Synchronized acquisition of high-resolution rgb and multispectral images

Simultaneous acquisition of up to six bands, allowing for multiple high-resolution results such as RGB, crop vigor indices (NDVI, NDRE, etc.) and high-resolution panchromatic.

Twice the spatial resolution of the previous rededge

With a high-resolution panchromatic imager, RedEdge-P enables higher resolution RGB and multispectral outputs, with a resolution of 2 cm when flying at 60 meters. Identify problems or smaller features first and make more reliable management decisions in a variety of use cases.

It works with what you have (drones, processing, flight planning)

This solution is compatible with a wide range of aircraft, from large fixed wings to small multirotors. Flight planning and data processing can be done with industry-standard tools.

Robust design

IP4X rated for dust and splash protection


Calibrated multispectral images

Each RedEdge-P camera kit is equipped with a reflection panel for ground calibration and a DLS2 light sensor for irradiance and sun angle measurements. These radiometric calibration tools take into account different weather and light conditions, providing more accurate and reliable data that enable time series analysis and comparability of outputs over time.

Powerful AI capabilities

With its panchromatic band, RedEdge-P enables high-resolution RGB and multispectral images for machine learning applications such as plant counting and advanced vegetation research applications.

RedEdge-P Sensor Specifications

350 g (12.3 oz.) (RedEdge-P + DLS 2)


8.9 x 7.0 x 6.7 cm
(3.5in x 2.8in x 2.6in)

External Power

7.0 V - 25.2 V

Power Input

5.5/7.0/10W (standby, average, peak)

Spectral Bands

Blue, green, red, red edge, near-IR
(global shutter, narrowband)

Wavelength (nm)

Blue (475 nm center, 32 nm bandwidth),
green (560 nm center, 27 nm bandwidth),
red (668 nm center, 14 nm bandwidth),
red edge (717 nm center, 12 nm bandwidth),
near-IR (842 nm center, 57 nm bandwidth)

RGB Color Output

5.1 MP (global shutter, aligned with all bands)
*with appropriate post-processing

Sensor Resolution

1456 x 1088 (1.6MP per MS band)
2464 x 2056 (5.1MP panchromatic band)

Ground Sample Distance (GSD):

7.7 cm per pixel (per MS band) at 120m (~400 ft) AGL
3.98 cm per pixel (panchromatic band) at 120m (~400 ft) AGL

Capture Rate

Up to 3 captures per second raw DNG


3 configurable GPIO: select from trigger input, PPS input, PPS output, and top of frame signals. Host virtual button. USB 2.0 port for WiFi. Serial. 10/100/1000 Ethernet. CF Express for storage

Field of View

50° HFOV x 38° VFOV (MS)
44° HFOV x 38° VFOV (PAN)


CFexpress Card

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*Disponibile solo per titolari di partita iva con almeno 18mesi di attività

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