DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew (M30T)

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Offers the option to renew DJI Care Enterprise Basic, additional amount of 890 Euro

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It offers the option to renew DJI Care Enterprise Basic, giving you an additional opportunity to replace your DJI product in exchange for a small additional amount in one year, and to cover damages resulting from accidents, such as collisions, water damage, or signal interference. In addition, for added peace of mind, the warranty period of the product is extended by at least 12 months.

1. Before purchasing DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew, you should make sure that the DJI Care Enterprise Basic coverage for the product has not expired and at least one replacement product is available.

2. To be sure that you can normally use the service, DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew and the corresponding product must be purchased in the same country or region, and the service is only available in the country or region where DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew was purchased.

3. A replacement fee of €890 is required to use this service.

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