DJI Zenmuse H20T

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Includes DJI Shield coverage for one year

H20T – Quadruple Sensor

20 MP zoom camera
12 MP wide-angle camera

LRF 1200 m

Radiometric thermal imaging camera 640×512 px

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“H” for Hybrid

Multi-sensor loads rework the concept of efficiency for each mission. Unique intelligence and integrated design promise unprecedented aerial imagery for a wide range of industrial applications.
Welcome Zenmuse H20 series: first DJI solution with hybrid sensor.

All the sensors you need. In one.

Take it all back. Up close or at a distance. In color or thermal light. The built-in laser rangefinder (LRF) measures the distance to an object up to 1200 meters. This powerful tool unlocks every potential for the intelligent and advanced functionality of DJI industrial drones.

Powerful zoom

  • 23× hybrid optical zoom, 200× maximum zoom
  • 20 MP 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor
  • Video resolution: 4K/30fps

Wide-angle camera

  • Equivalent focal length: 24mm
    DFOV: 82.9°
  • 1/2.3″ 12 MP CMOS sensor

Laser rangefinder

  • Distance: 3 – 1200 m
  • Accuracy: ± (0.2 m + D×0.15%)

Radiometric camera

  • DFOV: 40.6°
  • Resolution: 640×512, freque

Intuitive interface

The new user interface allows you to quickly choose and select the view from the three cameras, wide-angle, zoom, and thermal, and to keep the zoomed FOV view as an icon.

Intelligent data acquisition

AI Spot-Check

Automate routine inspections and always get accurate results. Artificial intelligence recognizes the pre-selected subject and keeps its frame for subsequent missions.

High resolution grid

Take a wide-angle image of the area of interest; the zoom lens automatically splits it into multiple 20 MP images. Photos are saved in one ultra-detailed image.


A quick tap marks an object in the framed image, the sensor’s advanced fusion algorithms immediately provide its coordinates.

Smart Track

Identify and track moving subjects such as people, vehicles and boats with automatic zoom without losing the subject’s position.

Immediate temperature values

Accurate temperature measurement

Monitors the temperature of a site or structure to capture consistently accurate thermal data.

Spot measurement

Touch a spot to read its surface temperature in real time.

Measuring area

Select an area to display its low, high and average temperature values.

Intelligent functions

Temperature alarm

Get instant notifications from the DJI Pilot app if the object temperature exceeds preset values.


Displays a specific thermal band to highlight points of interest.

Color palettes

Manage the choice of colors applied to thermal data according to needs and situations.

Gain mode

Set the gain mode to change the temperature ranges over which to operate: high mode (High Gain) covers a small temperature range but offers greater sensitivity to detected differences; low mode (Low Gain) takes up a wider temperature range.

R-JPEG images

Images captured by Zenmuse H20T are in R-JPEG format and include thermal information. By importing these images into the DJI Thermal Analysis Tool software, temperature measurement can be performed and parameters such as emission and reflected temperature can be adjusted.

The ideal combination with Matrix 300 RTK

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