Dual Sensor IR-EO gimbal 30X Zoom 50mm Thermal Lens

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Gemini IRHD-X30T+ is a professional ISR Multi Sensor Gimbal IR-EO with Onboard FullHD 10x Zoom Camera, High Quality IR Thermal Sensor with 50mm lens.


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Gemini IRHD-X30T+ is a professional ISR Dual Sensor Gimbal IR-EO with Onboard FullHD 30x Zoom Camera,
Hight Quality IR Thermal Sensor with 50mm lens.  

The Onboard Video Processor support advanced function like:
Target Tracking, Multivision Live view, Telemetry Data Overlay 
and Picture Geotag.

The Thermal Camera together with Daylight Camera allows to detect objects or people at long distance,
the zoom camera allows to recognize and identify targets at night or low visibility situations.

Gemini is a ready to use Plug & Play ISR Multi Sensor Gimbal compatible with any Multirotors UAV/UAS
on the market that support PWM and  SBus control.
The MicroHDMI video output could be connectet to any kind of Video Transmitter like DJI Lightbridge, Connex or our
COFDM Ultra long Range Encrypted Video Transmitter.







640X 480P


1210 GRAMS


IP 43



Gemini Dual Sensor IR-EO gimbal is designed for application that require multiple sensors feedback during the flight
and it is very useful for Security, Search & Rescue, Border Control, Aerial Inspecion etc..

Main features:

Gemini is a gyro-stabilized Dual Sensor ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) Gimbal with onboard High 640x480p 30hz Thermal Camera and fullHD 30x Zoom Camera. This new generation of gimbal have a powerful onboard video processor that support advanced features like target tracking and multi vision system.

• 3-Axis gyro-stabilized brushless Gimbal with Encoder
• Horizon computation with Dual IMU 32bit
• Onboard Video Processor for advanced features
• Ultimate stability also at maximum Zoom
• Supreme image quality with 1080p 30fps fullHD daylight sensor
• 30x daylight optical zoom
• High Resolution 640x480p Thermal Camera
• 50mm thermal lens
• Auto Object Tracking function
• Multi Vision Live Video Output
• Telemetry Data Overlay on Video
• Synchronized Video and Foto for Thermal and Daylight Camera
• GPS Geotag in picture Exif File
• PWM and SBus Control

Auto Tracking

Hands-free Auto Tracking of moving and static objects. the operator can select the object to track, the gimbal will remain lock this target.

Multi Vision

 Pilot can switch between Thermal and Daylight Camera or view both cameras in Picture-in-Picture mode or Mixed

Geotag GPS

Gemini Gimbal support GPS Metadata information on Image Exif through TTL Serial port from your Flight Controller or  a External GPS

Data Overlay

Gemini processed the information received from the Cameras and the Gimbal IMU together with GPS and shows all the data in overlay on the video.

50mm Lens

Long distance Monitoring with the new powerful 50mm thermal lens. Human detect up to 2.5 km

PWM & SBus control

Gemini is a ready to use universal gimbal for any drone multirotor that support PWM or SBus control. It can be controlled with any Remote Controller.

Ready for all multirotors

Gemini Pro is ready to use Dual Sensor Gimbal IR+EO  with synchronous video and picture compatible with any multirotor drone in the market.

We offer plug&play system with mount adapter for most popular drone in the market and also custom carbon fiber mount adapter.

Gemini IRHD-X10T is compatible with any Drone and Flight Controller, it support S-Bus,PWM, and TTL Serial Port control, with 4S-6S DC power input and HDMI Multivision video output compatible with any video transmitter such as Lightbridge 1 & 2, Amimon Connex and any other HDMI transmitter.

Direct Drive Stabilization

Superior stabilization with Brushless Motor and 32bit controller for ultra-stable video even at maximum optical zoom.

Multi Sensor Onboard

Gemini is a Multi Sensor Gimbal with Onboard  Thermal IR Camera and Daylight FullHD camera with Powerfull Optical Zoom

Plug and Play

Simply power the Gemini connect PWM or S-Bus control to your Drone and it is ready to use. No need for any additional time-consuming integration.


Gemini Gimbals are non-ITAR product and is freely available worldwide without  any kind of  limitation or extra documentation to fill.

Onboard Thermal Camera

The Onboard 640×480 30hz Thermal Camera mounted
on the Multi Sensor Gimbal Gemini provide High Resolution and High Contrast Thermal Imaging for long range detection.
The thermal camera allows for detection and recognition of targets
 at night or low visibility situations up to 1km.

Technical details

• Horizontal FOV (°) 32
• Vertical FOV (°) 24
• Diagonal FOV (°) 39.4
• Working System Un-cooled longwave (8μm ~ 14μm)
• Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
• Pixel Size 17μm
• Lens 19mm
• Focusing Athermalizing
• Emissivity correction Emissivity 0.01 ~ 1 adjustable
• NETD ≤ 50 mK (@25°)
• MRTD ≤ 650 mK (@Characteristicfrequancy)
• Image enhancement Automatically adjusts image brightness and contrast
• Color palette Blackhot, whitehot, pseudocolor
• Automatic non-uniformity correction function Yes (With or without shutter)
• Digital zoom 1-3X
• Time synchronization Yes
• Temperature measurement Yes, Side Bar and center temperature
• Temperature warning Warning temperature -20 °C ~ 120 °C
• Data refresh rate 25Hz
• Output lag <3ms
• Tracking velocity ±32 pix/frame
• Target remember time 4S
• Target size 16 x 16 pixels to 128 x 128 pixels

Onboard Full HD Zoom camera

The Dual Sensor Gimbal Gemini have Onboard 10x Zoom 1080p FullHD  Sony Camera Block, mounted next to the High Quality Thermal Camera.
Day-time camera features Full HD 1080p video resolution and 10X optical zoom allowing to do Aerial SurveillanceSearch and Rescue, inspecition
and any other tasks while keeping the drone at safe distance.

Technical details:

• Sensor 1/2.9 inch 2MP CMOS SENSOR
• Video Output HDMI 1080p/60
• Video Recorded 1080p/30 H264
• Focal Length 10x optical focal zoom
• Digital zoom 12x
• LuX 0.05 lx @F1.6 (color), 0.01lx (white/black), 0lx (IR)
• Illumination Range 100lx – 100000lx
• Gain Auto/Manual
• Shutter Speed 1/1 – 1/10000 sec
• Sync mode Internal
• Backlight Compensation Support
• White Balance Auto, ATW, Outdoor Auto, Manual
• Auto Focus Speed Less than 1s
• Lens (wide-tele) Auto, Manual, Priority mode (shutter priority & iris priority)
• f=4.9 – 49mm
• F1.6
• Zoom mode Standard / Variable / Direct
• Focusing system Auto /Manual / One-touch control / Auto focus sensitivity
• Horizontal (wide – tele) 62 – 6.5°
• Minimum photographic distance 10mm – 800mm
• Horizontal Resolution above central 800TV

I/O Connections & control

Gemini Pro is ready to use and plug&play with any drones. You just need 3S-6S power and S-Bus/Pwm/Serial port to controll all the gimba functions:

Fully compatible with Lightbridge and Amimon tecnology

• DC in connector, support 4S-6S
• Maximum power 500mA@12v

Multi standard ready:
• S-BUS, PWM and Serial Port ready.

• Serial port: I/O control and GPS data input
• S-Bus control port
• Pitch control port +100°/-100°
• Yaw control port + 180°/-180°
• Gimbal Mode: Follow (fast speed), Lock (slow speed), back to center
• Zoom control for daylight camera
• Thermal control port for Palette and digital Zoom
• Video out mode: Single image, Picture in Picture and mixed image
• Picture trigger control port
• Video Rec control Port

I/O port
• HDMI video output for Thermal and Daylight camera
• SDcard slot for onboard picture and video storage
• USB port for firmware upgrade and gimbal setup

Package contents

  • 1 x Gemini IRHD-X10T
  • 1 x Mount Adapter
  • 8 x Damping Component
  • 1 x Power cable connector JST
  • 8 x M3 x 8mm Hex Screw
  • 4 x M3 x 30mmaluminum spaces
  • 1 x English user manual

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