Dual Sensor thermal gimbal IR-EO

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Dual Sensor Thermal gimbal IR-EO  with onboard 16MP Daylight camera and Flir Thermal IR camera support. Synchronized Thermal + HD Daylight Photo and Video, geo-tag system with standalone datalogger combined with advanced control unit and real time dual video output.

Available Setup option

Select the best setup for your needs

Flir connector adapter *

Select the connector cable adapter for your Flir Thermal Camera

Add Flir thermal camera

Select the Flir Thermal camera that you want to use with Gemini IR-Pro. Connector adapter included.

Extra accessories

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Dual Sensor thermal gimbal IR-EO

Dual Sensor Thermal gimbal IR-EO  with onboard 16MP Daylight camera and Flir Thermal IR camera support. Synchronized Thermal + HD Daylight Photo and Video, geo-tag system with standalone datalogger combined with advanced control unit and real time dual video output.
Gemini IR-Pro dual sensorthermal gimbal provides high precision pointing accuracies in a small, lightweight payload compatible with any drone in the market.


16MP Daylight Camera

High-Res Photo and Video

gimbal con telecamera zoom hd per drone

IR Night Vision

Flight in the night

gimbal con telecamera isr per drone

Thermal Data*

Radiometric per pixel temperature

gimbal con termocamera flir per drone

DJI Go Ready

Thermal/Daylight Live view

thermal gimbal flir inspire dji app

*Available only with Flir Vue Pro-R and Tau 2 Thermal Capture 1/2


dual sensor therma gimbal


Gemini IR-Pro is a gyro-stabilized Dual Sensor IR + EO gimbal with onboard with onboard 16MP Camera ready to use with Flir Thermal Camera for different application such as:

  • Security & Surveillance
  • Search and rescue
  • Solar pannel inspection
  • Powerline and pipeline inspections
  • Industrial inspection
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Fire Fighting, Fire Control / Spotting
  • VOC & Gas Detection drones
  • Damage Assessment
  • Traffic Surveillance
  • Coastal and Border Control
  • Anti-Terrorist and Law Enforcement
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Wildlife Spotting


Main Features

Gemini IR-Pro is the most advanced dual sensor thermal gimbal in the market! Fully plug&play, compatible with any drone in the marcket.

  • Only 250g (without flir Camera)
  • 3-axis 360° dual sensor thermal gimbal for DJI Inspire
  • Plug & Play system
  • PWM + SBus controll connection
  • DC 7-14v @1ah
  • Simultaneously Daylight and Thermal video Out
  • Flir Ready (Flir Vue, Vue Pro, Vue Pro-R, Tau 2, Thermal Capture 1&2
  • Onboard 16MP Sony Exmor Camera
  • Synchronized IR+EO photo and video
  • Geotaging System with automatic/manual trigger control (optional)
  • Target lock, automatically hold the video centered on the scene douring movements
dual sensor thermal gimbal ir-daylight canera


Flir ready, plug & play system.

Gemini IR-Pro is the only dual sensor gimbal IR + EO ready to use available on the market that give you the ability to choose within many different Flir thermal cameras such as:

Flir Vue Pro/Pro R

flir vue pro r

Flir Vue 

gimbal per termocamera flir vue

Flir Tau 2 Core

gimbal per termocamera flir tau 2

Thermal Capture 1/2

gimbal per termocaemra radiometrica flir tau 2


Onboard FullHD 16MP Sony Exmor Camera

The  onboard 16MP Camera  installed on Gemini IR-Pro  work together and synchronized with any Flir thermal camera that you want to plug to the gimbal. This Gimbal for DJi Inspire 1/Pro provide to the operator double video feedback IR + Daylight HD with high quality details.

Caratteristiche principali

  • Sensor: 1/2.33” Cmos 16MP
  • Fov 80° fisso F4.35
  • Resolution: videoFullHD 1920p 30/60fps, Photo 16PM
  • Out: analog video CVBS –  NTSC/PAL
  • Backup on MicroSD max 64GB(included)
thermal gimbal for dji inspire


Available setup upgrade:

We offer different setup ready to ure with wireless video system and remote control compatible with any multirotor system in the market.


1 x TX video 5.6ghz 32ch
1 x Monitor Wireless 5.8GHz 32ch

You Need

1 x DC power 7-14v from drone
1 x 8 free channels on your radio
1 x Map radio channels

Plug & Fly

2 x TX video 5.6ghz 32ch
2 x Monitor Wireless 5.8GHz 32ch
1 x remote controll 2.4GHz 10CH

You Need

1 x DC power 7-14v from drone

LightBridge 1/2

1 x Video Switch IR/RGB*
1 x AV to HDMI video converter (LB2)**
1 x 2.4ghz 10ch remote control(only LB2)

You need:

1 x DC power 7-14 v from drone
1 x 8 Free Channels on radio***
1 x Map radio channels

*Through the remote controll you can switch the video on DJI Go App from Thermal to Daylight
**Throught the AV to HDMI video converter you can see both image on DJI Go App and PIP in External HDMI monitor
***DJI LightBridge 2 Radio is not supported, you need the extra radio to controll cameras and gimbal

datalogger gps per georeferenziazione immagini gemini ir-hd

GPS Geotag system with datalogger (Optional)

Geo-Tagging technology for optimum mapping/photogrammetry accuracy. Gemini IR-Pro support external GPS/Glonass unit with synchronized geotagging system for Thermal and Daylight cameras. The Log are saved in external SDCard.

  • Onboard geo-tagging system GPS/Glonass
  • Synchronized geo-tagging system for Thermal and Dailight images
  • Synchronized time-lapse trigger for Thermal and Dailight images
  • Datalogger with removable MicroSD Card
  • Log extension .txt, ready for Pix4D, Photoscan..

File Example:

Filename, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude

I/O Connections & control

Gemini IR-Pro is ready to use and plug & play with any drones. You just need 2S-4S power and S-Bus/Pwm receiver (need 8ch free) to controll all the movement of the 3 axis gyrostabilizad Gimbal and all the function of the onboard 16mp Camera and flir Thermal Camera.

dual sensor thermal gimbal ir-daylight canera

• Support 2S-4S  7-14v 1ah

Multi standard ready:
• SBUS, PWM ready, you can chose your mode by switch button

• CH1 – Pitch +45°/-90°
• CH2 – Yaw +/- 360°
• CH3 – Gimbal Mode: Folow-Lock
• CH4 – Photo trigger (IE + EO synchronized)
• CH5 – Video Rec/Stop (IE + EO synchronized)
• CH6 – Switch IR/EO video out on video out mixed* port
• CH7 – PWM port for Flir Extra function
• CH8 – PWM/Uart port for Flir Extra function**

Videos outputs:
• V1/V2 – Daylight EO/IR Thermal camera NTSC/PAL video Out swithc controllable*
• V2 – Thermal IR camera, NTSC/PAL video Out
*Live EO/IR video Out selectable by CH6 – Switch IR/EO

Gemini IR-Pro for DJI Inspire includes:

1 x 3 axis Dual Sensor Thermal gimbal with onboard 16MP
1 x Plug & play Gimbal Mount for any drone in the market
1 x User manual

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