Flir Thermal gimbal for DJI Multirotors

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Gyro-stabilized 3-axis Dual Sensor Gimbal IR-EO with Onboard 16MP Daylight Camera ready for Flir Thermal Camera compatible with DJI Go Multirotors.


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Flir connector adapter

Select the connector cable adapter for your Flir Thermal Camera

Add Flir thermal camera

Select the Flir Thermal camera that you want to use with Gemini IR-Pro. Connector adapter included.



Flir Thermal Gimbal for DJI multirotors

Gemini Mini is a gyro-stabilized 3-axis Dual Sensor Gimbal IR-EO with Onboard 16MP Daylight Camera ready for Flir Thermal Camera. Gemini Mini is a Plug & play Thermal gimbal for DJI multirotors like Inspire 1, Matrice 100 and any othe DJI Drone that support Zenmuse X3/X5/XT.

Onboard Video/Photo Recording, Geotagging System combined with advanced Control Unit and real time Digital Video Transmission through DJI GO app make this gimbal a good alternative to Zenmuse XT with the Plus of an onboard 16MP HD Camera for Daylight video and Picture.

Gemini Mini Dual Sensor Gimbal provides high precision pointing accuracies in a small, lightweight payload specially designed for Thermal Inspection with your DJI Multirotor.

16MP Daylight Camera

High-Res Photo and Video

IR Night Vision

Flight in the night

Thermal Data*

Radiometric per pixel temperature

DJI Go Ready

Thermal/Daylight Live view

*Available only with Flir Vue Pro-R and Tau 2 Thermal Capture 1/2

Live View on DJI GO

Thermal and Daylight video streaing directly on your Tablet/Smartphone with DJI GO. The big plus of Gemini Mini is the integration with DJI system that allow the user to view directly on DJI Go App the live video from the Thermal or Daylight Camera.

The user can select  Thermal or Daylight visualization simply pressing one button on the remote extender.


Gemini Mini is a gyro-stabilized Dual Sensor IR + EO gimbal with onboard 16MP Camera ready to use with Flir Thermal Camera for different application such as:

• Security & Surveillance
• Search and rescue
• Solar panel inspections
• Powerline and pipeline inspections
• Industrial inspection
• Wind turbine inspection
• Fire Fighting, Fire Control / Spotting
• VOC & Gas Detection drones
• Damage Assessment
• Traffic Surveillance
• Coastal and Border Control
• Anti-Terrorist and Law Enforcement
• Maritime Surveillance
• Wildlife Spotting

Main Features

Gemini Mini is the most advanced dual Sensor Thermal Gimbal for DJI multirotor in the market! Fully plug&play, with the same mount adapter of Zenmuse X3/X5/XT

• 3-axis  gyro-stabilized Gimbal
• Plug & Play for DJI Multirotor compatible with Zenmuse X3/X5/XT
• DJI Go App Ready with Thermal/Daylight Video feedback
• Flir Ready , it support Flir Vue, Vue Pro/Pro-R, Tau 2, Thermal Capture 1&2
• Advanced remote control for cameras and gimbal function
• Onboard 16MP Sony Exmor Camera
• Synchronized IR+EO photo and video
• Geotaging System for thermal and daylight camera (optional)
• Schene Tracking, automatically hold the video centered on the scene
• Fully powered from DJI Drone, no extra battery, no wire, just plug & fly

DJI Go Ready

Flir ready, plug & play system.

Gemini IR-Pro is the only dual sensor gimbal IR + EO ready to use available on the market that give you the ability to choose within many different Flir thermal cameras such as:

Flir Vue Pro/Pro R

Flir Vue 

Flir Tau 2 Core

Thermal Capture 1/2

DJI Remote Extender

Gemini Mini comes with stand-alone Remote Extender for any DJI controller*. This plug&play remote extender alow the user to easy control all the Cameras and Gimbal function without disconnecting the hands from the drone remote controller.

Main feature:

• 868/900 mhz operating frequency
• 3km range of use
• Onboard rechargeable lipo battery(3 hour working time)
• Preconfigured controls for Camera and gimbal Function
• Plug&Play with DJI Remote Controller
*our Gemini system is compatible with Inspire 1, Matrice 100, Matrice 600, DJI A3 and N3

Onboard FullHD 16MP Sony Exmor Camera

The  Onboard 16MP Camera of the Gemini Mini  work together and synchronized with any Flir thermal camera that you want to plug to the gimbal. This camera support FullHD 1080p Video and 16mp Still Picture for maximum details in any kind of application. The live video output can be viewed directly on your Tablet/Smartphon on DJI Go APP.

Main characteristics

• Sensor: 1/2.33” Cmos 16MP Sony Exmor
• Ambarella A7LS video processor
• FOV166°,F2.8,7G  glass lens no distortions
• Video: FullHD 1920p 30/60fps
• Photo: 16PM 4608×3456 pix 4:3
• Live video out: CVBS analog video – NTSC/PAL
• Storage: Micro SDcard max 64GB  class 10

GPS Geotag system with data logger (Optional)

Geo-Tagging technology for optimum mapping/photogrammetry accurancy. Gemini Mini support external GPS/Glonass unit with synchronized geotagging system for Thermal and Daylight cameras.

• Onboard Geo-Tagging system GPS/Glonass
• Synchronized Geo-Tagging system for Thermal and Daylight images
• Synchronized time-lapse trigger for Thermal and Daylight images
• Datalogger with removable MicroSD Card
• Log extension .txt, ready for Pix4D, Photoscan..

File Example*:

Filename, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, date, time

*2 separate folder for Flir and Daylight Picture Log

Gemini IR-Pro for DJI Inspire includes:

1 x 3 axis gimbal Gemini Mini
1 x Plug & play system for DJI zenmuse X3/X5/XT mount adapter
1 x User manual

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