Long-range UAV LiDAR GS-100M

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GAirHawk GS-100M is one of the most compact and lightweight UAV LiDAR point cloud data aquisition system in the Market.


Lidar per droni GS-100m Geosun

The high density and long range UAV LiDAR solution

GAirHawk GS-100M is one of the most compact and lightweight UAV LiDAR point cloud data aquisition system in the Market.
Integrated with the new generation laser scanner Livox AVIA and high precision GNSS and IMU positioning system,
GS-100M is able to real-time, dynamically, massively collect high-precision point cloud data and high resolution image.

It is widely used in the acquisition of 3D spatial information in surveying, powerline inspection, forestry, land planning and agriculture.

Its light weight and compact size, easy to mount on any UAV, including VTOL or Helicopters.
GAirHawk GS-100 is designed for 3D modeling under vegetation, and fast data processing.






triple echo


circular view




without camera


• 70° Field of View, ideal for vertical mapping
• Productivity solution optimized for Multirotors and VTOL fixed-wing
High point-density (Triple echo, 720,000 Points/Sec)
Low-weight, only 1.1kg
Easy to operate, ready to use UAV lidar solution

Technologies Inside

Livox AVIA Laser Scanner
Accurate INS (IMU/GNSS)
Integrated board to control, acquire and synchronize sensors
High-performance Single GNSS antenna (PPK/RTK Ready)


• gAirHawk Setup and Realtime View
• gAirHawk post-processing
• gAirHawk Cloud

UAV Integration:

Multirotor UAV
Fixed-wing UAV
Helicopter UAV
Quick mount for DJI M200-M300 and M600 series

Who Should Consider This System

As you’ve come to expect, DroneBase can provides you  the full solution
Lidar + Drone.
This system is for geomatics professionals in the
construction, land development, engineering and surveying.
It’s field ready to work with you on the following tasks:

• Corridor mapping
• Mining (volume calculation)
Construction site monitoring
Environmental changes (time series)
Contour mapping
Archaeology and cultural heritage
Highway construction


• Simple mission planning
• Inputs point density
Input flying height speed 


Fully automated mission
Realtime mission monitoring
and point cloud display


Process point cloud with
IMU and GNSS data with
gAirHawk software


Final point cloud in standard
ASPRS LAS format usable
in any GIS or CAD software

Long Detection Range
High density long range UAV LiDAR

The gAirHawk GS-100M Lidar for UAV drones adjusts its detection range according to the intensity of ambient light,
while maintaining noise at a low level.
The detection range increases to 450m under low-light conditions
(such as on a cloudy day, indoors or at night),m ensuring distant objects are captured in detail.

long range uav lidar

Dual-Scanning Mode

The use of multi-line laser and high-speed scanning enable the gAirHawk GS-100M
to achieve a point cloud data rate of up to 240,000 points/s.
The high performance device is equipped with both repetitive and
non-repetitive scanning modes, to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Non-repetitive Circular Scanning lidar uav

Non-repetitive Circular Scanning

In the non-repetitive scanning mode, as more time
it provided for the system to scan the area, the coverage
area ratio increases, thus improving the detection
of objects and details within the FOV.
This mode is suitable for the majority of use case
scenarios including traditional mapping
and low-speed autonomous driving.

Repetitive Line Scanning lidar drone

Repetitive Line Scanning

The repetitive scanning mode enables the gAirHawk
GS-100M-C to operate more efficiently in mapping
scenarios that require high precision and point cloud distribution,
such as the mapping of agricultural fields, forests and hill
slopes, as well as the inspection of construction sites.

Pointcloud Density

Typical mission parameter
Speed: 5 m/s  | AGL: 50 mt  |  Side Lap: 50mt

dji matrice 600 lidar solution

gAirhawk Post Procesing Software

Real-time and post-point cloud computing
Real-time point cloud display
Real-time system status monitoring
Full LiDAR and point cloud computing parameter configuration.

gAirHawk is a lidar scanning system acquisition monitoring and pointcloud computing software
self-developed by Geosun Navigation. It supports real-time configuration and monitoring
of field data acquisitionsystems, decoding of real-time and post-process laser scanning data,
calculation and display of point cloud data, supporting software forGeosun lidar scanning system.

lidar scanner configuration software
lidar scanner post procesing software
uav drone laser scanner lidar system

Up to 42mpx Full Frame Dual Mapping Camera 

gAirHawk Support Up to 2 External Camera to Color the Laser Point Cloud
with High quality picture from our Light & compact Sony Mapping Camera.

Mapping Camera Standard 24mp
• 24.3mp Sony APS-C Sensor
• Low distortion 25-35mm lens
• Direct power from Lidar Scanner
• Direct Trigger and HotShow feedback
• 124g with lens
• 75*63*32 mm

Mapping Camera Advanced 42mp
• 24.3mp Sony APS-C Sensor
• Low distortion 25-35mm lens
• Direct power from Lidar Scanner
• Direct Trigger and HotShow feedback
• 260g with lens
• 84*70*36 mm

Ultra light and compact 24-42mp mapping camera for uav drone survey
rgb lidar point cloud texture

Technical Details

What is includes

Hardware included:

• gAirHawk GS-100M
Single GNSS antenna and mount
1 microSD Card 256 GB
Eng. User manual, Installation manual

Software included:

• gAirHawk to post-process GNSS and inertial data for highest accuracy
• gAirHawk Cloud, to generate andvisualize your georeferenced point cloud


• Calibration certificate
• 1-year warranty
2 day training
Worldwide technical support
Worldwide operational support


• Mount Adapter for M200/M300 and 600 Series
• Single Mapping Camera 24mp APS-C 25mm
• Dual Mapping Camera 24mp APS-C 25mm
Single Mapping Camera 42mp FF 25mm
Dual Mapping Camera 42mp ff 25mm


Raw File
Post Procesing software
Post Procesing User Manual
Video Tutorial Post Procesing

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