Drones for aerial filming and photography

Aerial photography with a professional UAV

You’re a professional photographer, a video maker or an owner of an activity? The use of remote controlled drones add a great value to your business. A professional drone is an ultimate platform for aerial video and photography with incredible never-before-seen angles. A drone multicopter allows you to get video and aerial photos of large areas with high emotional impact, landscapes, buildings, and many other objects of artistic interest.

 Drones for advertising and marketing

Advertising agencies and promoters are interested in return of investment. Until few years ago a helicopter rent with a pilot and a professional cameraman specializing in aerial shots with investments of several thousand Euros was needed. Today marketing agencies and advertisers are looking for operators of professional drones for aerial filming with high-resolution cameras.

All our drones for aerial filming are ready to fly, equipped with a remote control and wireless HD video transmission systems for long-range together with universal gimbal, HD camcorders and SLR cameras. All our UAV for aerial shots are provided with with GPS guidance systems that make them particularly stable, absolutely safe and easy to use.

We offer custom made multirotors for any type of application, capable of flying in a manual or an autonomous GPS waypoints mode and transmit Full HD video in the long haul.

We produce 3-axis brushless stabilized gimbal compatible with any type of camera as GH4, Sony A7, Canon 5D, Nikon D800, Sony Alpha, Blackmagic 4K, Red Epic and so on.

Drones for cinematography, aerial photography, media and journalism

The drone is the ultimate professional tool that can introduce changes and innovations in the media field by reporting on events in journalism. Live HD streaming is what appeals to the TV news. Journalists and news reporters can provide live video in high quality HD of any event. Professional drones for aerial shots are very stable and easily transportable thanks to modular structure and advanced flight controls with GPS system which allow the highest quality stabilized picture. You can remotely control the pan, tilt and zoom of the camera getting best possible result in any situation.

All professional drones like Muvistar 1000 and 900 are equipped with GPS tracking system and can be used by single or dual operator. Both drones are able to fly autonomously, performing preset trajectories.

Both UAV Muvistar 1000 and 900 are capable of flying for over 15 minutes and carry HD cameras as well as 4K like GH4, Sony A7, Canon 5D, Nikon D800, Sony Alpha, Blackmagic 4K, Red Epic and so on. Muvistar 1000 and 900 are equipped with live HD video transmission systems on land and have closable structures that enable easy transport in appropriate flycase.