Application of drones for security applications and SAR

Use of drones by firefighters

Professional Drones with infrared sensors can easily fly over a fire zone so the team of firefighters can analyse a situation. Many fire departments have already invested in UAV with high-definition and thermal cameras. The drone for rescue can fly and hover height of a building or well above it. The cameras are mounted on a drone are capable of sending images and live video to the operational ground center. The Multirotors can also help firefighters to evaluate more precisely the structural stability of  burning building.

innovative applications of rescue drones

Helicopters are expensive and are not always available to tight deadlines, but today there are many innovative solutions with the use of UAV in a professional sector.

Special sensors and accessories like HD or infrared cameras allow you to search for missing persons in the woods, at sea or in avalanches and carry first aid kits as well as report GPS coordinates to the operation centers.

Ambulance drone

The traffic problems can be easily overcome by an ambulance drone, which is capable of reaching a point on the map programmed with centimeter accuracy. These Professional drones can be guided to a destination and provide voice instructions to a patient. For example  a drone carrying a defibrillator and  a doctor provides the necessary instructions to the intervention with a help of  a video camera and a built-in speaker.


Quadcopters and professional multirotors can be used for video surveillance, police operations, law enforcement and intelligence to ensure safety as well as during the management of disasters. In all these cases, professional drones are a great tool tot intervene in case of critical situations.


Monitoring and aerial video-surveillance allows to observe  movements of vehicles and persons and assess risks to the community or infrastructure. The control of these movements takes place in real time thanks to the HD video transmission  that transmit live images directly to the control unit. These drones for video surveillance are also able to patrol in an automatic predefined areas or boundary lines thanks to high-precision GPS control systems integrated on board.

All our drones are ready to fly systems equipped with remote control, wireless video transmission at long range and stabilized mount (gimbal), universal camcorder and DSLR cameras.

The use of UAV systems  in critical situations such as natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, nuclear accidents has advantages like a faster intervention, reduction of risk for operators and the possibility  to take  effective decisions based on detailed images and thermographic analysis.

We create custom made SAPR with GPS autopilot functions, automatic navigation to points (Waypoint), long-range video transmission, FullHD cameras and HD cameras with optical zoom up to 30x. Our drones can fly in the rain with autonomy upto 40 minutes.