BLV 200

CNC Aluminium alloy

The best material for aerial surveying and mapping industry. Light, moderate strength, easy to process forming, strong corrosion resistance

Integrated card slot

When designing the storage unit, we always insists that the memory unit can bedetachable, so that the user does not need to carry the aircraft when exporting data

BL 200 pro

Turbine cooling fan intake

Two built-in turbofans are used for high-intensity hot summer operation.
While cooling, there is no need to worry about dust entering

One key repair error button

Any program error in the camera can be repaired directly by pressing the repair button without the need to return to the factory

BLV 200

Imported ED lens from Japan HOYA™ (checked and calibrated)

The special requirements of surveying and mapping industry make each camera factory must be strictly checked and calibrated, and standard calibration parameters.

Aviation grade aluminum alloy integrated plug

Meet the high intensity operation and high frequency sweep pendulum use

BLV 200 Pro

HDMI HD image transmission interface

Allow you to receive real-time video images while flying, preview aerial photography effect and ensure flight safetyThe special requirements of surveying and mapping industry make eachcamera factory must be strictly checked and calibrated, and standard calibration parameters.

BL200 Pro Spec Sheet

Power Supply
DC 12 ~ 48 V


Power Supply By Drone

Power On/Off

Auto On/Off

Data Transfer

Type - C Cable


1280 GB

Effective Pixels

Single Lens :42 Million (Total 210 Million Pixels)

Sensor Size

Full frame (35.8*23.9mm)

Pixel Size

4.5 um

Image Resolution

7952 × 5304

Tilt Degree


Lens Qty

5 Pcs

Focal Length

Nadir: 40 mm,Oblique: 56 mm

Exposure Time


Exposure Mode

Flight Control Trigger

Operating Mode

Trigger by Flight Controller, Isometric photography, andIsochronous photography

Working Temperature

-10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃






≈1270 g

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