BL6100 Xport

BL6100 Xport

CNC Aluminium alloy

The best material for aerial surveying and mapping industry. Light, moderate strength, easy to process forming, strong corrosion resistance

It equipped with the professional surveying and mapping lens which is Imported ED lens from Japan HOYA™
and each one be strictly checked and calibrated by standard calibration parameters

The Xport gimbal is supported the camera to be adapted to the mainstream UAV platforms in the market, including DJI M350, M300, besides DJI, it also be can mounted to other drone or VTOL.

Equipped with 61 million pixels full-frame back-illuminated image sensor, ultra-high image quality presentation with clearer photos and richer details.

Open up DJI RTK communication link, it deeply adapts to DJI M350 or M300 RTK, accurately records POS data, focuses on flying, and improves working efficiency.

It comes standard with an intelligent three-axis gimbal, which can swing stably from multiple angles during flight, integrated remote control, and easy setting of camera parameters.

BL6100 Xport

Power Supply
DC 12 ~ 48 V


Power Supply By Drone

Power On/Off

Auto On/Off

Data Transfer

Type - C Cable


256 GB

Effective Pixels


Sensor Size

Full frame (35.7×23.8mm)

Image Resolution

3:2 (6000 × 4000)

Lens Qty

Signal lens

Focal Length

40 mm

Exposure Time

≥0.6 s

Exposure Mode

Flight Control Trigger

Operating Mode

Trigger by Flight Controller, Isometric photography, and Isochronous photography

Working Temperature

-10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃






≈360g(680g include gimbal)

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