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Professional Drones with 3D Lidar


DroneBase offers various 3D Lidar solutions for Drones, with Dual and Triple ECHO sensors up to 64 channels and 1,280,000 points.
Thanks to the Inertial platform and centimeter RTK/PPK correction, no ground control points are needed and are returned
Geometric measurements with centimeter accuracy. When using Triple ECHO, during the detection
in forested areas, the upper part of the vegetation is differentiated from the ground and the detection area of the
soil (DTM) is directly displayed which drastically simplifies Classification operations.

Like terrestrial Lidars, drone Lidars also achieve very high performance in terms of Accuracy and Scanning Capability
also allowing dynamic scanning of large areas, Bridges, Viaducts, Power Lines, Pipelines and large structures in general.
creating a “new” vision impossible to achieve with terrestrial laser scanners, capable of creating
High-density, colorful point clouds from perfectly calibrated and laser-aligned high-resolution cameras,
a real revolution for this type of application.

The Benefits of 3D Lidar on Professional Drones

Professional Drones
equipped with 3D Lidar sensors makes it possible to scan
of large structures such as bridges and viaducts rather than assets such as Power Lines and Gas Pipelines in a very short time, with great accuracy and maximum safety.

Lidar sensors up to 64 channels and 1,280,000 equipped with RTK/PPK Centimeter Georeferencing Systems and Up to 45mp Camera
take Aerial Lidar Scanning with Drones to a new level never before achieved by traditional methods.

Thanks to Professional Drones with 3D Lidar it is possible to determine features and measurements of an object
without coming into contact with it, create accurate and Measurable Digital 3D models
Measurements are taken and saved locally (a posteriori, after the survey) and thus can be repeated,
modified and checked several Times.

Flight planning software combined with artificial intelligence allows automatic scans to be planned,
anti-collision sensors ensure maximum safety in all flight conditions, cloud-based post-processing software
They also automate the 3D analysis and reconstruction process without the need for expensive workstations and software and
difficult to manage.







3.0 cm


60 min

maximum time

2 km

Of Scan
per flight

Discover our Inspection Combos

The combos in the Lidar range include everything professionals need
(Drones, Sensors, Software) for Bridges and Viaducts, Wind, Powerline and Pipeline, Large Facilities.

3D Lidar Aerial Scanning is not only about the drone.
DroneBase provides integrated systems, complete with 3D Lidar Sensors, integrated cameras up to 45mp, combined with RTK GPS and ultra-high precision IMU,
Specific flight planning software and APPs, with ad hoc tools for horizontal and vertical scans,
accurate workflows, post processing software, professional training and support.

350 RTK matrix

Complete solution


yours from 557.00 Euro/month with grenke operating rental


All 3D Lidar Kits are designed to capture large areas better and faster without interrupting work or site activities


Calibrated Lidar Sensors, Chambers up to 45mp combined with IMUs and GNSS RTK and PPK Systems ensure the highest level of precision with accuracy down to the centimeter at all times


Difficult to access or dangerous areas will no longer be a problem with our Mapper solutions always ready to take off in moments, safe and reliable in all conditions


3D Lidar survey with drone provides reduced field acquisition time and drastic reduction of post processing time allowing you to be more competitive

What results can I achieve?

  • Digital terrain models (DTM)
  • Digital surface models (DSM)
  • Geotif .tiff, XYZ .xyz, ASCII GRID .asc, Autodesk .dwg/dxf
  • Cartographic representation (georeferenced orthomosaics)
  • Geotif .tiff
  • Clouds of dots
  • ASPRS .las, LAZ .laz, xyz point cloud .txt.
  • 3D Models
  • Wavefront .obj, 3ds models .3ds, Stanford .ply, Autodesk 3dface/polyline .dwf

Secondary Products

RTK centimeter accuracy


Brand new GNSS RTK module for Drones collects positioning data with centimeter accuracy (1cm+1ppm) a new and absolute accuracy (1.5cm+1ppm)

A NON-RTK drone needs 40 to 80
ground control
points (GCPs) per square kilometer, which generally
requires hours of preventive work, sometimes very difficult depending on the land conformation.

With a RTK Drone it is possible to acquire up to 200 hectares per hour with very high accuracy drastically cutting field time and optimizing post processing.

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