Frontier PRO

The small tactical unmanned aircraft Frontier Pro VTOL
Has vertical and extreme takeoff and landing capabilities
endurance for this class of aircraft.



Frontier Pro is technological innovation combined with uncompromising efficiency and safety.
Exceptional performance and capabilities, along with many cutting-edge technologies,
guarantee a safe and precise flying experience in any field of use.

IP-43 water- and dust-resistant structure, powerful motors and 30-inch propellers make Frontier Pro capable of flying up to 10 hours with a transmission range of up to 200 km in any environmental condition


Data +
Video Transmission











Ready for anything

The latest generation electronics, open architecture The wide availability of interface
combined with its large load capacity and unrivaled reach, make the Frontier PRO
a new benchmark for tactical drones under 25kg

Open software, multistandard hardware interface with
CAN, UART, I2C, PWM, S-Bus and API I/O ports
allow the creation of integrated control systems
intelligent for each peripheral, sensor or


Modular and Versatile structure suitable for any application.

High Quality

Completely made of selected composite materials.


Centimeter accuracy with RTK GNSS systems


Safe With latest generation redundant electronics


Precise and reliable autonomous flight with Lidar 360° anti-collision system.


Qualified technicians at your service for custom projects.


  • 10 hours flight time with 3kg payload
  • 5 kg of payload capacity
  • 35kg max take off weight
  • 40 km/h wind resistance
  • Up to 200km transmission range with Mimo-Mesh link (standard 20km)
  • 5000m service ceiling
  • EFI 60CC twin-cylinder engine
  • Ready to fly in 15 minutes
  • Anti-Jam system (optional)
  • Training included
  • Crew of two, fits in a pickup truck, minivan or helicopter



During the years of constant improvement, our team has received comprehensive feedback from end users.
Based on our experience and expertise, we came to the conclusion that first of all the human factor should be eliminated
To decrease criticality and failure. We want you to have one of the most reliable drones on the market.

Low radar visibility

Thanks to the fully compositpo frame and absence of large metal parts, it is difficult detect and track the UAV with radar and antiaircraft systems.

ADSB IN/OUT transponder

Implemented for UAV recognition And seen from various aircraft. Ability to deactivate transponders for flying in invisible mode

Anti-jamming technology

Allows to operate despite anti-drone/Jammer systems active to terrra thanks to datalink

Any weather conditions

From -20C to +50С, despite the rain, fog, wind or mist.

Navigation lights

Designed to be visually detectable despite various weather conditions. If the the mission requires the position lights can be turned off

Automatic flight

Plan monitoring missions, video surveillance or photogrammetry and fly the drone in the mode fully automatic

Automatic take-off and landing

Vertical takeoff and landing fully autonomous

Various advanced payloads

Versatility is the key. Thanks to the large interior space, the quick mount system and the Hub-Multisense you can install pauyload of any type in seconds



The Smart Controller is designed to maximize
Your flying experience in all environmental conditions
thanks to its small size, integrated touch display
Ultra bright 5.5" structure and waterproof IP53.

The Smart Controller is designed to maximize
Your flying experience in all environmental conditions
thanks to its small size, integrated touch display
Ultra bright 5.5" structure and waterproof IP53.

Thanks to the dedicated Android operating system, the intelligent controller
Can be customized to give you the best flight experience
as well as allowing third-party apps to be installed for specific needs.

Main features

GCS Pro v2


Ground Control station Pro V2 was created for the most extreme operational needs. Encased in a rugged IP67 watertight case, GCS PRO V2 integrates the most advanced technology available on the market combined with unrivaled user ergonomics.

15" Monitor and 10" MultiTouch Display,Large ultra-precise control sticks, Easily identifiable Keys and Switches facilitate deployment in the field in the most extreme conditions, thanks also to the 12-hour continuous use time.

Command & Control*


Imagine having to coordinate video surveillance operations. or Search Missing Persons from a Remote Operation Center.

Command & Control allows you not only to stream HD Video Streaming and Drone Telemetry via 4G/5G connection, but also remote control of Drone and Payload from a remote operation center

4G/5G BVLOS Link

  • Centralized management of drone fleets (max 30 UAVs)
  • FullHD 1080p video streaming in real time
  • Map-based monitoring of each drone
  • Complete flight information with statistics
  • Remote control of gimbals and sensors
  • Remote video recording and flight logs
  • AES265 data encryption

*Optional on request

Control one UAV using multiple GCS

Extend mission range, hopping the
control from one GCS to another
during the flight.

Signal relay from one UAV to other UAVs

Several UAVs may be operated via
one GCS.

Control of several UAVs from one GCS

One GCS may easily operate several
UAVs in rage in case if operation
needs full cover of the area for
precise date.

Live streaming to multiple GCS and RVTs

The necessary information is
available for operators, HQ and field
troops at the same time.

Long Range Mimo Mesh Datalink*

The SkyLink200 is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry and install.
Integrated ad-hoc mesh software can quickly communicate
With existing fixed MULTI-MIMO stations and mobile vehicle models.
To complete a tactical MESH nets.

Equipped with 2×2 MIMO antenna system design
The transmission range can be increased efficiently and,
with its multipath advantages,difficult environmental problems can be managed effectively.
The 2×2 MIMO IP radio is designed for remote control and monitoring
Unmanned robots, drones, boats, buses/cars


  • Waveform: Mobile Network MIMO (MN-MIMO
  • MIMO Technolog: Spatial multiplexing, Space-time coding,Space Diversity,TX /RX beamforming
  • Channel Bandwidth: 2.5/5/10/20MHz ,40MHz optional
  • Data Rate: 1-100Mbps(20MHz BW)/180Mbps(40MHz BW) Adaptive,QoS
  • Modulation Mode: TD-COFDM,BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM Adaptive
  • RF Output Power: 2Watts×2 (Handheld/Airborne/Module), 10-20 Watts×2 (Backpack/Outdoor/Dual-band Radio)
  • Single Hop CommunicationDistance: 100-200 KM (visible), 1-30 KM (urban area)
  • Mode: Point-to-point/Point-to-multipoint/Multipoint-to-multipoint,Automatic relay,Star/Line/Network/Hybrid
  • Single Hop Delay: Average 10mS(20MHz BW)
  • Encryption: DES, AES128/256 optional,Chip /TF card encryption customized
  • Anty-Jamming: Manual spectrum scanning channel selection, Intelligent frequency channelSelection/ frequency hopping
  • Band: UHF 450-700, S Band 1800-2500, L Band 1000-1500, Lower C Band 4400-5000, MIIT, Upper C Band 5100-6000

What can he do?

Get a clear view of the area to be videoed 24/7.
A fleet of Frontier Pro enables continuous surveillance over specific areas.
AI-based motion detection enables detection and tracking of objects of interest
to maximize effectiveness from both UAV and stationary CCTV.
Police and law enforcement operations could be supported by “eye in a sky”
offering real-time situational awareness and reducing the time needed to make important decisions.

No Compromise

The state-of-the-art ISR systems available for Explorer 1000 enable the detection and Identification of People and Vehicles from miles away using high-resolution Thermal and Optical sensors with up to 40X zoom.

Quick Mount

The brand new and exclusive HOT SWAP Quick-Mount quick-attach system allows you to switch from one payload to another in a matter of moments without any setup and without having to turn off the drone.

IR 640 50mm

Sensing (Male: 1.8×0.5m)

1470 mt

4400 mt

Recognition (Male: 1.8×0.5m)

368 mt

1100 m

Face Identification (Male: 1.8×0.5m)

184 mt

550 mt

Sensing (Auto: 4.2×1.8m)

4510 mt

10240 mt

Recognition (Auto: 4.2×1.8m)

1127 mt

2560 mt

License Plate Identification (Car: 4.2×1.8m)

564 mt

1280 mt



It transforms X4-1000 PRO RTK to meet your needs in a second without the need for any difficult installation or wiring thanks to the brand new and exclusive Quick-Mount system that allows HOTSWAP from one Payload to another (gimbal or sensor) in a few moments without any configuration and without having to turn off the drone.

No integration limits for our drones thanks also to the Multisense HUB ready to connect to any sensor ensuring control, data/video streaming and power.



Discover the wide range of Industrial Gimbal and Sensors compatible with Frontier Pro.
The Quick-Mount interface and Plug & Play Hub allow rapid payload exchange according to operational needs.

Transform Frontier Pro to suit your needs in a few moments
without the need for any setup or difficult wiring.

An aerial perspective helps to gain situational awarenesswhile maintaining a safe distance. Frontier Pro can transmit live multicast video to Ground and to Operations Centers allowing risk operations to be coordinated and informed decisions to be made very quickly.

ISR Payload

Single or Dual Sensors

  • RGB sensors up to 25mp
  • 4K Video
  • Optical zoom up to 30x (12x digital)
  • 640p 30fps thermal imaging
  • Optical lens up to 50mm
  • Laser Range Finder 4000mt
  • Distance calculation and target Coordinates
  • Automatic target tracking
  • IR+RGB Geotagged images
  • IR, RGB, and PIP display

Cameras and sensors

RGB, Radiometric and Industrial

  • Radiometric Thermal Cameras
  • Multispectral Cameras
  • RGB cameras up to 120mp
  • 3D Lidar
  • Multigas Sensors
  • Radiation Sensors
  • Georadar
  • Echosonar
  • Metaldetector

Frontier Pro Kit

  • 1 x Drone Frontier Pro ready to fly
  • 1 x Industrial Grade Triple redudancy Flight controller
  • 1 x RTK GNSS navigation system (dual antenna u-blox F9P)
  • 1 x Data/Video Link 20km range(up to 200km with Mimo Mesh)
  • 1 x Quick Mount interface and multisense HUB for Gimbal and Sensors
  • 2 x 23Ah 6S 25C Lipo Batteries
  • 1 x Smart-Duo 600w charger (charges 2 batteries simultaneously in 40′)
  • 1 x Transport case 210x89x67cm
  • 1 x USB cable for Drone / PC connection
  • 1 x Screws and assembly / disassembly tools
  • 1 x 12 months warranty and remote/on-site assistance
  • 1 x Eng. User Manual

Frontier Pro Technical Details

  • Max take-off weight:35kg
  • Max Payload Weight:5kg
  • Standard Cruise Speed:95km/h
  • Max. Flight Speed:145km/h
  • Max Control radius: 200km (with optional Mimo Mesh Datalink)
  • Max. climb speed:4m/s
  • Max. Descend speed:5m/s
  • Max. Flight Altitude AMSL:5000m
  • Max. Wind Resistance:Level 6
  • Operating temperature:-20~50℃
  • Max Flight Time: ≥10 hour @4kg Payload
  • Max Flight Distance: ≥900km (with Mesh*)
  • Aircraft dimensions: 3750*2020*750MM
  • Transport case: 210x89x67cm

Gas Engine

60cc engine 12HP

4-stroke gas engine, which runs on regular A95 fuel. Consumables are available worldwide and no special fuel required.

Remote start

Start engine from a distance with a push of a button, even during the flight the engine can be automatically restarted by the flight controller.

Electric generator

500 w electric generator to power up all equipment on board and charge batteries during the flight.

Integrated sensors

See the status of the engine during the flight, thanks to the RPM, temperature, air temperature, fuel level, and other sensors.

Fuel tank

Integrated 12 liters carbon fiber fuel tank to support your long-endurance missions. With mil-grade fuel valve for quick fuelling.

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