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Dronebase designs, developes and services unmanned aircraft systems in Italy from 2005 . By collecting aerial data and processing it into valuable information our Professional Drones advanced information-collecting platform gives clients valuable insights. All our UAV systems are high performance-flying server that records, processes and transmits data back to the cloud where analytics turn it into information.

Dronebase systems can be applied to a wide variety of segments including Search and Rescue, Safety and Security, Aerial Inspection and Monitoring, Aerophotogrammetry and 3D mapping, Agriculture and Precision Farming. Dronebase is committed to improve the operations of all its customers.

Our company also develops and supplies integrated systems and customized drones up to specific needs, such as control stations (ground station), encrypted video transmitters, remote Full HD cameras, infrared, thermal and zoom cameras, as well as sensors for environmental sensing and long range wireless telemetry systems. A big advantage of our company is the ability to internally produce more than 70 % of hardware products.
Our highly trained staff provides theoretical and practical courses for use of UAV systems and assistance support including the certification of vehicles and pilots of drones.


UAV for civilian purposes. Our drones support thermal cameras, multispectral and HD Zoom.


Our instructors provide theoretical and practical courses recognized by ENAC at our private airfields.


Our highly qualified technicians will be ready to assist you for pre- and post-sales info & support in English.

The specialists of our company are engaged in global development and production in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles UAV. One of the main activities of our company is the development and implementation of multifunctional systems for remote surveillance, inspection and monitoring with drones multirotors.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals in a field of technical production, technical design, and services with UAV systems:

  • Construction engineers
  • Engineers specialized in electronics, mechanics and 3D modelling
  • Programmers
  • Specialists in mathematics
  • Operators of drones, pilots
  • Testers, instructors
  • Installers
  • Specialists in aerodynamics

Main applications

  • Security and surveillance
  • Search and rescue
  • Solar pannel inspection
  • Powerline and pipeline inspection
  • Industrial inspection
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Fire fighting, fire control / spotting
  • VOC and gas detection
  • Damage assessment
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Coastal and border control
  • Anti-terrorism and law enforcement•
  • Maritime surveillance
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Building energy efficiency control
  • Structural controll
  • Enviromental monitoring

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