About Us

DroneBase SRL was founded in 2012 in Rimini by the current CEO, Fabio De Matteis. Our company is composed of a team of technicians, designers and engineers, all of whom share extensive experience and a deep passion for the drone industry. From the beginning, we have oriented our business toward the design of drones and gimbal cameras for industrial use, covering a wide range of technical fields. Today, after more than 10 years of operation, we have launched numerous products on the market and implemented hundreds of customized solutions.

DroneBase SRL is now one of the most relevant companies in the national and international drone scene, thanks to our ability to conceive, design, manufacture and certify drones of high industrial level. Our facilities cover an area of nearly 700 square meters, including advanced research and development laboratories, test benches, production lines, flight simulators, areas dedicated to engineering and design, a showroom, a training room (equipped with a 10,000-square-meter airfield), warehouses and offices. Our team consists of highly qualified personnel, including mechanical, electronic and aeronautical engineers, as well as designers and beta testers.

Currently, Dronebase produces five different models of
professional drones (APRs)
, along with the innovative
DBase (Drone in a Box)
, a fully autonomous solution for remote drone management. We also offer several models of
gimbals and payloads

Thanks to a handcrafted production process that meets strict quality standards certified by
ISO 9001-2015
, DroneBase SRL develops a line of multi-role solutions that are distinguished by their high performance, safety and the ability to be customized to our customers’ specific application needs.

14 M

Professional Drones

State-of-the-art redundant electronics and high-performance motors, combined with IP43 waterproof frames, ensure maximum reliability in all environmental conditions


To ensure harmlessness in emergency situations, the RTH system ensures safe landing of the APR in the area designated by the pilot.

120 %

Safe and Reliable

The careful and thorough Risk Analysis carried out by our Technicians and Consultants guarantees the full safety of our Professional Drones

Precise and Accurate

Thanks to GNSS RTK systems combined with the latest generation of sensors, DroneBase vehicles always guarantee the highest precision and accuracy of the acquired data.

1,150 K

Field tested

The results in terms of efficiency and reliability have been achieved through long and extensive experimentation and tests carried out in the field under REAL conditions.

ISO 9001-2015

ISO 9001-2015 certified for Design, Production, Sales and Service of drones. As well as Performing Aerial Surveys with drones.

Our Vision

It all starts with an idea, insight or request from a customer that generates an a chain reaction involving Designers,Technicians, Engineers and practitioners, all united in the intent to make something New, Better or More Performing to implement professional applications in the various application areas of our Professional Drones.

Unmanned systems (Drones) have inspired many insiders to rethink the standard processes hitherto implemented.

As a result, companies and organizations are achieving feats that previous generations could only have imagined.

With a strong focus on technology and digital, we envision the road to the future of
Professional Drones
and we walk it successfully, working side by side with our Customers. We implement change day after day, with care and dedication, respecting people and the environment.

It all starts with an idea, insight, or request from our customers, resulting in a chain reaction involving designers, technicians, engineers, and industry professionals, all united in the goal of creating something new, better, or higher performing for professional applications of our Drones.

Unmanned systems (Drones) have inspired many practitioners to reconsider their standard processes to date. As a result, companies and organizations are achieving feats that previous generations could only have imagined.