DJI Flycart 30

The DJI FlyCart 30 goes beyond traditional logistical limitations to offer a safe, affordable and efficient air transport solution:

– Maximum payload of 40 kg (single battery or 30 kg with double batteries)
– Range of 28 km (16 km when fully loaded)
– Speed of 20m/s (72km/h)
– Maximum flight altitude: 6000 m
– IP55 degree of protection
– Operational from -20 to 45°C
– 70-liter transport box
– And more…



The new era of cargo transportation begins with DJI FlyCart 30. A highly automated drone with high carrying capacity for long-range flights. Equipped with intelligent functions and maximum signal strength. DJI FlyCart 30 supports two different delivery modes, via box or winch, to meet different transport scenarios. It overcomes the traditional limitations of logistics by providing a safe, economical and efficient solution.

For heavy payloads over long distances

Maximum payload: 30 kg
Flight distance without payload: 28 km
Flight distance with payload
full: 16 km
Maximum speed: 20 m/s
The first three indicators are measured in dual battery mode.

Designed for extreme performance

Maximum flight altitude: 6,000 m
Operating temperature:
Between -20° and 45°C (-4° – 113°F)
Maximum resistance to
wind speed : 12 m/s

Strong signal

The first three indicators are measured in dual battery mode.

Intelligent functions and state-of-the-art security

IP55 protection and corrosion resistance
Dual radar, dual binocular vision, intelligent obstacle detection
Double battery and parachute

Practical configurations

70 l EPP houses
Winch system

Automatic operations

Video transmission with O3: 20 km

Send what you need, where you need it

The high capacity in terms of payload and the long flight distances traveled make it possible to overcome current logistics limitations, ushering in the era of next-generation deliveries.

30 kg

Maximum payload (double battery)

40 kg

Maximum payload (single battery)

28 km

Maximum flight distance without payload (dual battery)

16 km

Maximum flight distance with full payload (double battery)

20 m/s

Maximum flight speed
(with carbon fiber propellers )

15 m/s

Cruising speed

Excellent performance in all
weather conditions

It ensures full 24-hour operation in extreme weather conditions and altitudes.

6.000 m

Maximum flight altitude

Between -20° and 45°C (-4° - 113°F)

Operating temperature


Level of protection

12 m/s

Maximum wind speed resistance

Maximum reliability and security in delivery

Guaranteed safety from takeoff to landing.

Extremely stable long-range video transmission

DJI FlyCart 30 supports DJI O3 video transmission up to 20 km away.
The 4-antenna transceiver intelligently selects the optimal antenna to transmit signals and enhance
The anti-interference features.
DJI FlyCart 30 can also integrate with DJI’s advanced video transmission module, and the O3 video transmission signal can operate in conjunction with a 4G network. If the O3 video transmission signal encounters interference, DJI FlyCart 30 can resort to 4G to achieve stable video transmission. This makes it possible to manage signal blocking in complex environments and thus improve the safety of operations.

Easy piloting

DJI RC Plus features a 7-inch high-brightness screen and supports dual operator mode. This mode allows two operators to easily transfer drone command permissions to meet operational needs of different nature.

Choose the payload configuration

The ability to choose between cargo mode and winch mode considerably facilitates payload delivery depending on the destination .

Cargo mode: maximum simplicity and stability

Maximum capacity: 70 l
Maximum payload: 30 kg (double battery)
Maximum payload: 40 kg (single battery)

*The kit that makes up the winch system is sold separately

DJI FlyCart 30 comes standard with an EPP container that greatly simplifies loading and unloading.

The internal weight-sensing system and the ability to adjust the center of gravity ensure perfect load balance, providing stability and safety during flight.

Cargo mode: maximum simplicity and stability

Maximum payload: 30 kg (double battery)
Maximum payload: 40 kg (single battery)
Maximum speed of load support and release operation: 0.8 m/s.
Maximum winch cable extension: 20 m

*The kit that makes up the winch system is sold separately

The load transported by winch system is delivered through the use of a drop cable that can be controlled manually or automatically. The load releases automatically the moment it is placed on the ground: no manual intervention is required. This ensures maximum safety and accuracy during the delivery operation.

DJI FlyCart 30 can intelligently adjust its trim to minimize load sway and improve stability. In extreme situations where suspended cargo becomes trapped or entangled, the winch cable can be heated and cut, freeing the drone.

A complete solution for agile and fast deliveries by drone

DJI Pilot 2 and DJI DeliveryHub provide a state-of-the-art, highly efficient and flexible solution,
For drone delivery management.

Real-time safety alerts during flight

You can check the battery level, power status and mileage in real time, as well as monitor the reachability of the destination site. All this ensures maximum operational safety.

Intelligent assistance for greater efficiency

Load status

With DJI Pilot 2, you can view the status of the load and intelligently control the winch system to ensure efficient delivery.


During stable long-haul flights, the Cruise Control function helps reduce pilot fatigue.

Terrain Follow in real time

The elevation profile shows changes in the terrain and the surrounding environment in real time.

Augmented reality projection

AR projection enables accurate landing and cargo delivery.

Route registration

Flight routes can be recorded and repeated automatically.

Collaboration between multiple terminals

DJI DeliveryHub is a comprehensive platform for aerial delivery management. The solution efficiently facilitates operations planning, comprehensive monitoring of operational status, centralized management of team resources, and data collection and analysis.

Planning and execution of activities

Create, schedule and assign tasks and devices remotely.
Confirm safety check and takeoff with one touch.
Increase the level of efficiency and automatically execute scheduled delivery tasks based on previously recorded flight routes.

Comprehensive status monitoring

Monitor drones and activity status on a 2.5D basemap.
View live streaming directly through the high-resolution FPV camera installed on the drone’s stabilizer to observe the surrounding flight environment.
Receive alerts for any abnormalities and assume manual control to ensure flight safety.
Collaborate with team members and share status notifications across multiple terminals.

Centralized management of
team resources

Quickly plan complex flight routes on a 2.5D basemap.
Efficiently manage marked locations and alternate landing sites by acting in seamless collaboration and coordination with team members.
Monitor the drone’s efficiency status, maintenance information, and DJI Care status.
View statistics on drones, routes, and timing to assess operational efficiency and optimize future deliveries.

Data Security

For DJI, data security is of paramount importance. We employ state-of-the-art measures to protect the integrity of photos, videos, flight logs and other user data, enabling you to safely use the full power of an innovative cloud-based fleet management system. DJI FlyCart 30 and DJI DeliveryHub are designed to maintain on multiple levels the integrity of the drone and related data management process, from device connection and maintenance to data uploading and transmission to cloud storage services and operational security.
DJI DeliveryHub uploads, stores and manages data on cloud servers managed by Amazon Web Services, which comply with ISO/IEC 27001 security certifications.

Data collection

DJI will not access any user data before the user grants DJI permission to do so. You can grant or revoke this permission at any time in “Network Security Mode” or activate “Local Data Mode “to use the device completely offline.

Data transmission and storage

Full-link encryption effectively protects data from hijacking attempts conducted by third parties. Sensitive information, such as e-mail addresses, cell phone numbers and locations, is protected with additional AES-256-CBC encryption.

Erase all data on the device

You can choose to erase all data generated while using DJI devices. Using the DJI Pilot 2 app, you can clear the logs and cache on the device and the app, or you can reset the device to factory settings.

What it contains

1x Aircraft
1x Remote Controller
1x Remote Controller Strap
1x Power Cable
1x USB-A to USB-C Cable
1x USB-C to USB-C Cable
1x WB 37 Intelligent Battery
1x Battery Cover
1x DJI 100W USB-C Power Adapter
1x Googles
1x Tools

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*Disponibile solo per titolari di partita iva con almeno 18mesi di attività

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