DBase Mobile


Robust, Reliable and Operational 24/7 in every
environmental condition.
Schedule your calendar missions and monitor them
remotely from the cloud-based operations center.


Day or night, in sunshine or in rain

DBase is a portable drone dock station that can be installed in any environment under the most extreme environmental conditions.
With its IP54 protection and built-in heat pump, DBase houses the Drone at a temperature controlled
Keeping it charged and ready for the next mission.


data + video








Downstream IP54


to water

Integrated multi-role solution

Manual operations are inefficient and time and resource consuming.
Drone-in-a-Box technology combined cloud management software,
offer a drastic reduction in time and costs by increasing the
ROI significantly.

Experts can monitor and supervise from the operations center
Multiple operations simultaneously respond quickly and efficiently
to emergency situations.

DBase provides tight integration between drones and dock stations through
Software could be efficient and customizable for specific needs of each application

DBase Mobile

  • Compatible with: DJI Mavic 2/3
  • Dimension: 1200*950*380 mm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • IP Protection: IP55
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Power: 120W
  • Operating temperature: -25°c ~55°c
  • Drone battery charging time: 40min (DJI Mavic 3)

Main Functions

  • Total control Dock + Drone from Flytnow cloud platform
  • Autonomous takeoff and landing with Precision Landing
  • Automatic drone battery recharge with contact system
  • Video Streaming + Ultra Low Latency Data
  • Lan/Wifi and 4G/5G connectivity*
  • Temperature controlled with integrated AC/heat pump
  • Integrated IP camera for remote control dock
  • External spotlights to illuminate Dock during night use

Supported Drones


No limits of use to our drones thanks to the plug & play HUB ready for any sensor specially designed for Thermography, Aerophotogrammetry, Precision Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring applications.

DJI Mavic 3

DJI 30/30T Matrix

DJI Mavic 3

  • 40′ flight range
  • Range 8km from base
  • IP-NS Protection
  • Anti-collision sensors
  • Photos up to 48mp
  • Video: 4k
  • Zoom: 8X digital
  • Thermal camera: 640x512p
  • Laser range finder: NA
  • Maximum speed 75km/h

DJI 30/30T Matrix

  • 40′ flight range
  • Range 8km from base
  • IP55 protection
  • Anti-collision sensors
  • Photo 48mp
  • Video: 4k
  • Zoom: 16X optical
  • Thermal camera: 640x512p
  • Laser range finder: yes, 1200mt
  • Maximum speed 82km/h

Total control over cloud

Flytnow Auto is the cloud software platform designed for businesses that can manage every function of DBase and Drone.
Plan missions, schedule calendar operations on specific days and times,
Create and edit flight routes and manage collected data wherever you are.

Dock & Drone Fleet Management

From a single Cloud Software platform!

The 4 key elements of using a drone dock station


A cloud dashboard that enables remote drone control, mission planning, and ultra-low latency HD video streaming over 4G/5G.


Complementary computers fully integrated into the system that enable easy communication between drone, Dock and cloud platform.


With computer vision, landing maneuvers can be managed precisely and automatically using ArUco Tag.


Remotely control open/close dock, view telemetry, enable/disable drone charging from cloud interface

A Solid, 100% Integrated Cloud Platform

A fully automated system operated from a remote operations center
That allows you to simplify complex operations in BVLOS

Total automation

Autonomous Missions

Plan, Schedule and Monitor your missions in real time from the remote operations center

Precision Landing

Centimeter-precision landing with Visio AI computer aid via drone camera

Remote Control of the Dock Station

Total remote control of the dock station with temperature monitoring, battery charging, opening and closing of the box.

Automatic Data Acquisition Eliminates manual data collection at the site. Deploy automatic drone Dock Stations for routine operations. View, Record and Share Data and Video

Increased efficiency Remove blind spots and guard hard-to-reach areas. Detects faults in real time to reduce maintenance costs and prevent frequent shutdowns.

Speed of response and action Sends autonomous drones to a specific location in response to an alarm. Increase site and personnel safety with autonomous drones

Total awareness in real time

Get instant video updates to stay in the know. Detect malfunctions in advance. Improves decision making and eliminates operational delays.

  • Real-time HD video streaming with ultra-low latency
  • Management of thermal imaging cameras and third-party sensors
  • Records and archives captured video data
  • Secure video and telemetry sharing

Plan and Schedule Automated Missions

Deploy and monitor multiple drones simultaneously. It eliminates human error. Conduct repeatable missions with minimal human intervention.

  • Manage a hybrid fleet of drones
  • Perform multiple waypoint missions
  • Configure the actions of individual waypoints
  • Schedule routine calendar missions
  • Retrieve and view previous mission logs

Rapid response to incidents

Send your drones to the affected site to increase staff safety. Control the drone and payload remotely with an on-screen joypad, keyboard, or joystick.

  • Send drones to specified GPS coordinates on request
  • Set advanced geofences to demarcate no-fly zones
  • Transmit audio messages through the drone speaker
  • Improves visibility at night through integrated spotlights
  • Configure multiple security devices to improve drone security

Precision Landing

The Precision Landing module uses computer vision technology
To align and land your drone on the dock in a way that

  • Get 99.99% reliability for drone landings
  • Perform accurate and autonomous landings by day and night
  • Eliminates the use of additional hardware

Total control of the dock station

FlytBase enables complete automation and remote management of the dock station and all its peripherals such as Weather stations, cameras and more. You can integrate your drone fleet with our dock stations using 5G technology thanks to the radio modems* built into the dock.

  • Activates remote open/close and recharge actions
  • Displays the battery charge status
  • Integrates fixed cameras to monitor the dock
  • Displays real-time data transmitted from the on-board weather station
  • Leverage weather data to perform pre-flight checks


Weight 70kg
Closed size 120cm×95cm×35cm (L×W×H)
Input voltage 24 VDC
Power 120 W MAX
Working temperature -20~55°C
IP rate IP55
Contained drone 1 drone
Materials Aluminum, stainless steel, glass fiber
Charging time 40 minutes to fully charge Mavic3 from 0
Internet 4G/5G
Sensors Water level/ temperature and humidity inside the dock
Monitoring camera inside drone dock Resolution ratio: 1920*1080P
Field of view (FOV): 150°
Extension ability Protocol: SDK Modbus
Lifespan 5,000 hours
Charging protection Anti-reverse, over-current, and overvoltage protection
Compatible drones 2s-14s LiPo battery-powered drones
Such as DJI M30, M300, Mini, Mavic, Air, Skydio, Autel, Fimi, and Parrot

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