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The Zéphyr external FTS for DJI Matrice 300 is a safety device that, under certain conditions, prevents the drone equipped with it from leaving its regulatory flight envelope by cutting off the drone’s power supply.

Dronavia is proud to be the first manufacturer to provide a system that complies with the MoC Light-UAS.25 published by EASA, an essential compliance in the development of a SORA (Special Operations Risk Assessment).



Ultra-simple installation  

The external FTS is fitted between the drone and the battery. Once the latches are installed, it takes only a few seconds to make the system operational. The external FTS system is mounted directly on the drone by the pilot. No workshop visits are required.

Fully redundant 

The external FTS module is also redundant. In the event of a battery loss, one module is able to take on all the power needed to keep the drone in the air until an emergency landing is made. The FTS can be used on its own, without a parachute, to increase the available payload and flight time for the French DGAC S2 scenario.

The most powerful on the market 

The Zéphyr CC M300 external FTS module weighs only 160 grams. The Zéphyr radio control has an autonomy of 30 hours and a range of 3000 meters. It attaches to your DJI remote control for quick and controlled triggers.

Get your SORA more easily and quickly 

With this MOC2511 pack, Dronavia will provide a MOC 2511 compliance declaration. This declaration can be integrated into a SORA and is sufficient to meet the requirements of part 9. This part deals with the risk of loss of control of the aircraft and flight in adjacent areas where the risk to third parties on the ground or in the air may be higher.


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