DJI Terra Pro Overseas Perpetual (1 device)

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The world, your digital resource

Intervention planning
Data acquisition
Data analysis

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Plan. Process. Analyze. Execute.

Digitize your world

Public Safety

Speed and efficiency for on-site acquisition of critical information.


Accurate collection, measurement, and analysis of data on each project.


Perform detailed inspections of structures and in complex scenarios with ease.


Accurate evaluation of cultivated land to maximize yield.


Optimized pre-visualization to improve the organization of filming.

Mission planning

Planning with route points

Create effective flight paths using predefined route points and the ability to adjust parameters such as altitude, speed, camera angle, aircraft orientation and more. For more elaborate and complex missions, which require extreme accuracy, the 3D flight visualization function allows missions to be designed and simulated on the three-dimensional models created.

Planning an area

With just a few touches on the screen, you can automate complex missions to continue capturing images and creating maps and models that will help you assess situations and make more thoughtful decisions.

Oblique planning

For the most sensitive missions, when accuracy of information is critical, you can tilt the camera with the Oblique mode to get more detailed images and build an extremely faithful 3D model.


Real-time mappings

The real-time mapping function allows an orthomosaic of the selected area to be generated quickly and without interrupting flight operations. Ideal not only for creating flight paths in remote areas, but also for interventions where time is of the essence and decisions must be immediate.

2D Reconstructions

High-resolution orthomosaics with detailed and accurate measurements for the most delicate projects.

3D Reconstructions

Clear and realistic reproductions of the surrounding environment for a variety of industrial applications, such as accident reconstruction, site supervision for large-scale projects, and more.

Data analysis

2D and 3D measurements


Acquire dimensional information on different types of soils using practical analysis tools to process data based on linear, surface, and volumetric measurement values.


Set and edit measure labels on existing templates to compile reports and facilitate communication between teams during project execution.

Photographic inspection

It inspects every detail reported in the model, selecting and highlighting critical elements present in the actual scene. Both 3D models and photographic data allow objects to be inspected and their details to be compared.

Uninterrupted connection with your fleet of DJI drones

DJI Terra is compatible with the following models in the Phantom 4 series:

Phantom 4 RTK,
Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0
Phantom 4 Pro
Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4

A new generation of mapping solutions begins

Harness the power of mapping AI solutions to take your industrial projects to new heights. For object classification, site inspection, or other types of interventions, start the development of mapping solutions immediately and carry out missions without difficulty.

1 Data acquisition

Define your goal, set the desired flight plan, and, in a few touches, collect the data you need to achieve the desired result.

2 Data processing

It uses sophisticated image recognition technology to generate 2D and 3D data, resulting in a more realistic representation of structures, objects, scenery and more.

3 Use of data

Applies computer learning tools and techniques for use in various industries, such as classification algorithms to identify trees, objects and other environments.

4 Execution

Take necessary measures and benefit from more efficient processes with computerized control, be it automatic spraying operations, job monitoring, material transport, or much more.

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