DJI Zenmuse H20N

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The Zenmuse H20N integrates starlight sensors in its zoom and wide-angle cameras. Coupling this with dual-zoom thermal cameras and a laser rangefinder results in a versatile hybrid payload that rises to the occasion.

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Infrared Zoom

Dual Thermal Cameras
Resolution: 640×512
2x Zoom (Equivalent Focal Length: 53 mm)
8x Zoom (Equivalent Focal Length: 196 mm)

See the big picture

Wide Camera Night Vision
Starlight sensor: 2MP
Stronger performance in low light conditions

Pierce through the veil

Video camera with zoom for night vision
Starlight sensor: 4MP
20× optical zoom, 128× maximum zoom
Details in low light conditions

Accurate distance data

Laser rangefinder
Range: 3 m to 1200 m
Accuracy: ± (0.2 m + D×0.15%)

Thermal and Stellar Vision to Elevate Your Operations

Seeing through the night

Zoom and wide-angle cameras are equipped with starlight sensors tailored for low-light environments.

Infrared zoom

Two thermal cameras provide 2× and 8× zoom respectively, together allowing up to 32× zoom. Find hot spots and closely inspect details after zoom-in.

Synchronized split-screen zoom

H20N supports synchronized zoom between thermal and starlight night vision cameras. Users can scale both images at the same time. This doubles efficiency and makes it easier to compare details side by side.

Other smart features

Intelligent tracking
High-resolution grid photos
Panorama with a twist

Thermal characteristics

Color palettes

Adjusts colors applied to thermal data according to mission requirements.


Display a specific temperature range to highlight your goals.

Temp. Alarm

Receive instant notifications in DJI Pilot when object temperatures exceed preset alarm values.

Gain mode

Adjust the gain modes to change the range of captured temperatures: High Gain mode covers a smaller temperature range but is more sensitive to temperature differences; Low Gain mode covers a wider temperature range.

R-JPEG images

Images captured by the Zenmuse H20N are in R-JPEG format with embedded temperature information. By importing these images into the DJI Thermal Analysis Tool, temperature can be measured and parameters such as emissivity and reflected temperature can be adjusted.

Additional information

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DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew (H20N)

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