DJI Zenmuse L2

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Zenmuse L2 integrates LiDAR frames, an in-house developed high-precision IMU system, and a 4/3 RGB CMOS mapping camera, providing DJI flight platforms with more accurate, efficient, and reliable geospatial data acquisition. When used with DJI Terra, it offers a turnkey solution for 3D data collection and high-precision post-processing.

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Integrated LiDAR solution

Supported by its powerful hardware, L2 can enable accurate scanning of complex subjects within an extended range and faster point cloud acquisition. During operations, users can preview, play back, and process point cloud models on site with DJI Terra-generated asset quality reports, providing a simple and comprehensive solution to improve overall efficiency. This enables users to obtain high-precision point cloud results with unique post-processing.

High-level precision

By combining GNSS and a high-precision IMU developed in-house, this solution
achieves a vertical accuracy of 4 cm and a horizontal accuracy of 5 cm.

Outstanding efficiency

It is ready to operate as soon as it is turned on and can collect both geospatial data
than RGB from an area of 2.5 square kilometers in a single flight.

Intuitive operation

In combination with Matrix 350 RTK and DJI Terra, L2 offers an easy-to-use turnkey solution by lowering the operational threshold.

Frame-based LiDAR

Increased detection range by 30%

L2 can detect from 250 meters with 10% reflectivity and 100 klx, and up to 450 meters with 50% reflectivity and 0 klx. The operational altitude
typical now extends up to 120 meters, greatly improving safety and operational efficiency.

Smaller laser dots, denser point clouds

With a reduced spot size of 4×12 cm at 100 m, only one-fifth that of L1, L2 not only detects smaller objects with more detail, but can also
penetrate the denser vegetation, generating more accurate digital elevation models (DEMs).

Supports returns

In densely vegetated areas, L2 can capture more ground points under the foliage.

Effective point cloud speed: 240,000 points/s

In both single and multiple return modes, L2 can achieve a maximum point cloud emission rate of 240,000 points per second, enabling
The acquisition of multiple point cloud data in a given time interval.

Two scanning modes

L2 supports two scanning modes, offering flexibility to users according to their business needs. In the repetitive scanning mode, L2’s LiDAR can achieve more uniform and precise point clouds while meeting high-precision mapping requirements. In non-repetitive scanning mode, it offers deeper penetration for more structural information, making it suitable for power line inspection, forestry survey and other scenarios.

Frame-based design

Frame-based design ensures effective point cloud data rates of up to 100%. Together with a three-axis gimbal, it offers
Increased possibilities for scenario detection.

High-precision IMU system

Improved accuracy

The self-developed high-precision IMU system, combined with the drone’s RTK positioning system for data fusion during post-processing, provides L2 with access to highly accurate absolute position, velocity and attitude information. In addition, the increased environmental adaptability of the IMU system improves the operational reliability and accuracy of L2.

Yaw accuracy

Real time: 0.2°, post-processing: 0.05°

Pitch/roll accuracy

Real-time 0.05°, post-processing 0.025°

No IMU heating

The performance of the IMU system has been greatly improved, and it is ready for use the moment it is turned on. In addition, the companion drone is ready to start activities immediately once the RTK is in FIX state, providing an optimized field experience.

RGB mapping camera

4/3 CMOS, mechanical shutter

The pixel size has been expanded to 3.3 μm, and the effective pixels now reach 20 MP, resulting in a significant improvement in the overall image and more enriched true-color point cloud details. The minimum interval between photos has been reduced to 0.7 seconds. The mapping camera can count up to 200,000 shutters, further reducing operating costs. When point cloud collection is not necessary, the RGB camera can still take photos and record video or collect images for visible light mapping.

Enhanced operational experience

Diversified flight Route types

Supports waypoint, area, and linear path types to handle surveying tasks in a variety of environments.

Cloud of Dots Live

During operation, DJI Pilot 2 supports three display modes: RGB, point cloud and side-by-side point cloud/RGB display, presenting operational results in an intuitive way. Activating the RNG (laser rangefinder) provides access to distance information between the LiDAR module and the object in the center of the FOV, improving flight safety. It also supports four real-time point cloud coloring modes: Reflectivity, Height, Distance and RGB.

Point cloud model Reproduction and fusion

After the operation, the 3D model of the point cloud can be viewed directly in the album. It is also possible to merge 3D point cloud models from multiple flights, enabling on-site decision making regarding operational quality.

Automatically generated activity Quality report

After point cloud data is collected, the DJI Pilot 2 app will automatically generate an activity quality report 8 so that operators can check operational results in real time and on the spot, making field work more responsive and worry-free.

PPK Solution

Supports waypoint, area, and linear path types to handle surveying tasks in a variety of environments.

One-Click Processing on DJI Terra

Get efficient and reliable one-stop post-processing when importing point cloud data into DJI Terra. Generates a 3D point cloud model in standard format with one click after point cloud trajectory calculation and accuracy optimization. After land point classification, using the land point type, a DEM can be generated. The quality of the point cloud can be analyzed with the Check and Verify Accuracy function.

Application scenarios

In coordination with DJI Enterprise and DJI Terra flight platforms, Zenmuse L2 can be applied to land surveying and mapping, electricity, forestry and infrastructure management, as well as other scenarios.

Data sheet

System performance


Inertial navigation system

RGB mapping camera


Data archiving




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