The SkyHub + True Terrain following solution (with Nanorarad 24ghz) is a hardware and software set designed to enhance the capabilities of standard commercial UAVs for industrial purposes and to support the integration of various sensors.

Thanks to this kit it is possible to integrate on DJI Matrice 300/350 Drones or on our X1000 Pro RTK Sensors such as:

Thanks to the Terrain Following combined with the skyhub, it will be possible to set up very low altitude missions and the drone will follow the terrain profile while maintaining the desired altitude from 0.5mt to 50mt and beyond. (needed for all Geophysical applications where the sensor needs to be as close to the ground as possible during flight

SkyHub is an on-board computer to record georeferenced data from various sensors such as GPR, altimeter, magnetometer, echo sounder or methane detector.By Default, SkyHub comes with mounts and cables for the drone
DJI M300/M350 RTK
X1000 Pro RTK
. Mounts and cables for other types of drones are available upon request.


  • Custom integration of payload with drone
  • Advanced UAV flight control scenarios.
  • Using drones in an adverse environment


  • Fully insulated and ESD-protected exterior of interfaces
  • Industrial connectors
  • Selectable power output (9 V / 12 V / 15 V /18 V)
  • Passing power from drone to payloads
  • 3×UART / 1x RS-232 / 1x UART/RS-232 combined / 2× USB
  • Ethernet / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Interfaces
  • 4 GPIO pin pairs for general purpose Input Output
  • Protection against input power inversion
  • Extended operating temperature range from -25°C to +50°C


The SkyHub 3 device provides a connection
To different payloads through different interfaces:

  • 3× UART interfaces
  • 1× UART/RS-232 interface
  • 1× RS-232 interface
  • 4 GPIO pin pairs
  • Ethernet interface
  • Bluetooth interface
  • 2×USB 2.0

Power outputs

SkyHub 3 eliminates the need for a separate battery or power circuit for sensors.
Each the connector with communication ports has pins with +5V and +12V covering 99% of the power requirements for the sensors.
An additional power connector is configurable and can provide 9, 12, 15,18 V with maximum load of 5 A

Led Connections and Indicators

  • 1 By default, to communicate with the altimeter (see UART/RS-232/GPIO).
  • 2 By default, to communicate with the flight controller (see UART / RS-232 / GPIO).
  • 3 Communicates with UART-based payloads (see UART / RS-232 / GPIO)
  • 4 By default to communicate with any UART- or RS-232-based Sensors (see UART/RS-232/GPIO).
  • 5 Communicates with RS-232-based payloads (see UART / RS-232 / GPIO)
  • 6 Power input Power input, two ports to enable drone power passage (see Power input)
  • 7 Power output Supplies the payload (see Power output).
  • 8 Output power LED (red) Indicates the presence of output power
  • 9 Output power selector Defines the output power for payloads (see Power selector)
  • 10 Ethernet connector Communicates with Ethernet base payloads (see Ethernet)
  • 11 USB ports Dual USB ports with which to communicate USB-based payloads or via USB-UART adapter (see USB ports)
  • 12 Payload LED Indicates connection to payloads (incoming support)
  • 13 Autopilot LED (green/red) Indicates the connection of an autopilot. Green when the autopilot is working well. Red when autopilot is not connected. Transformed off when autopilot support is turned off
  • 14 Core power LED (yellow) Indicates the presence of the main power supply


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